OOTD: Plus size poolside and the fat/skinny debate

Every year you can count on at least a handful of brands to make the ‘bikini body’ slip up. All it takes is the first glimpse of sunshine and twitter is fired up in a vicious circle of fat and skinny shaming. This year we had the #skinnybirdwatching from Taking Shape UK (who went with […]

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OOTD: Caribbean Crochet

Fashion Friday is back (on a Saturday it would seem) and this weeks edition comes from warmer climates! If you follow me on Instagram (you can find me here) you’ll know I just got back from the Dominican Republic and 11 nights of absolute bliss. I shot a few of my favourite summer looks whilst […]

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Dreams Punta Cana Caribbean Getaway*

It’s taken me quite some time to get over the fact that I can’t just live in Dreams Punta Cana forever. I spent ten nights there last year and never wanted to leave. I’d just gotten my go pro which I was so excited to use, more so than my camera. I really wish I’d snapped […]

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