The Alternative Weekend Break; a guide to Porto, Portugal

When it comes to visiting new cities, Instagram worthy spots are far higher up my priority list than they ought to be. Luckily, Porto is rather blooming gorgeous and has lots going on so your holiday snaps will fit your aesthetic but you won’t have to compromise on good food or exciting things to do. The city has a real trendy vibe but, with most people heading to the capital Lisbon, it isn’t over crowded. It’s the perfect alternative easy breezy weekend break…

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The perfect boots for transitional Spring style

My name is Lucinda and I’m a shoe addict…. well a shopping addict if I’m honest but we can deal with that another time. Boots are my absolute jam for pretty much every season, from over the knees to cut-out shoe boots (pls no one call them shooties, a shop assistant said this to me once and I died a bit inside). And for transitional style, is there anything better than ankle boots? They look chic with pretty much errrrr’thang, whatever the weather – though lets face it, it’s gonna be rain or snow for the next million months…

The patch work pair
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OOTD: Pompoms and ripped jeans

Every once in a while, a piece of clothing comes along that makes people question ‘how you made it’, despite it very obviously coming from a shop and being the best thing since sliced bread. It will probably involve pompoms, a little sparkle or sequins and some bold colour choices. And of course, every single item of clothing that has caused people to react in that way ever currently resides in my wardrobe…
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Top things to do in the Dominican Republic

When it comes to holidays, i’m happy enough to spend time by the pool and be a beach bum for a day or two, but I love exploring too. City breaks aren’t the only way to get a little culture and excitement. That said, as much as I’m sure jumping out of a plane is buckets of fun *eyeroll emoji moment*, I prefer to stay inside the plane until we reach our destination. But when we do arrive, I’m more than ready to get my heart racing. Who said holidays where just for relaxing…

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Top 5 tips to create a Pinterest worthy apartment

When it comes to creating a home that would look at home in Vogue, my abso go-to for inspiration is Pinterest – it’s full of creative ideas and interior designs. I adore individually created and curated homes, with a flair of the owners personality thrown in. I’ve been in my apartment for six months now and I’m always looking for new ways to create the perfect space, so I’m sharing my top 5 tips to inspire your Pinterest worthy home…
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OOTD: The Mismatched suit

As much as I love being a #girlboss, some days I’m just not feeling myself (which is totally okay). It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of wake-up, work, sleep, repeat. I’ve always been a creative type and this ‘feeling trapped’ is just not my jam. So whenever I’m feeling in a bit of a rut, I make a change: colour my hair, try a new coffee shop, style a trend, buy a puppy (I wish). So, a quick ASOS browse and 24 hours later, I’m sporting a seriously sassy look…
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Lobster Benedict Brunch at Browns, Leeds*

Brunch is most definitely the greatest ever invention, after the sassy lady emoji ofc. There is never an occasion where brunch isn’t fabulous. Need a hangover cure? Brunch. Need a shopping break? Brunch. Need an excuse to drink Prosecco before 11am? You get the gist. AND no one will ever judge you for going straight for the sweet options, ’cause pancakes are blooming delicious. It’s a win win. If you’ve checked out my top 5 brunch spots in Leeds post, you’ll known Browns Brasserie & Bar is a firm favourite of mine and my last visit was as scrumptious as ever…
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Resolutions & Eating Disorders; New year, no thanks!

Like clockwork, each year the festive period is accompanied by decadence, over-indulgence and more, always more. The ad industry fills us up with FOMO for treats we wouldn’t normally eat but absolutely must have, and calories obviously don’t count because, well, it’s Christmas. Then the second January rolls around, they turn on us. Every calorie we ate over Christmas is a sin we must now pay for, in the gym and in the kitchen. Salads are suitable for every meal it would seem. We should be improving ourselves, we MUST be better. New year, new me and all that jazz…
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OOTD: Lace-up everything

Suffer for your art they say… is wearing a mini dress with bare legs in January (by the blooming breezy seaside I might add) suffering enough? But the hypothermia is worth it when you get to show off THE most amazing shoes. Every once in a while, or every thirty seconds if you’re me, an item of clothing/a bag/a pair of shoes (delete as applicable) will come into your life and you will just have to have them. And it turns out glittery, lace-up heels with stars and brightly coloured pompoms on are my kryptonite…
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Bao Buns at Yuu Kitchen, London*

Whenever I’m dining out (a.k.a always, ‘cause have you tried my cooking??) I try to visit somewhere new and, ideally, independent. So with an open invite to the newly opened Yuu Kitchen, I grabbed my gal Karis from Shy, Strange, Manic and headed to check it out. A nosey at the menu was enough to get me dreaming of bao buns and satay skewers. It’s full of small plates meant for sharing, so you can try a bit of everything, which is handy when everything looks and smells so blooming good… 
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