The ultimate guide to Valentines; Leeds

I’m a total sucker when it comes to romance. I could watch RomComs all day every day and I’m always ready with cute love puns (I love you a latte and you are my significant otter are my current faves). But when it comes to Valentines day, my other half and I tend to give it a miss. Dinner reservations have to be made weeks in advance, only for you to pay more to essentially sit on another couples knees and choose from a limited menu with the wait staff rushed off their feet (never a recipe for great service). I’m not one of those ‘you should show your other half you love them everyday…’ types, we just choose to celebrate on any other day, where we can rock up to our fave restaurant looking glam AF and actually enjoy the experience (for half the price). So whether you’re celebrating Valentines or Galentines, do it right…

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Valentines gift guide & giveaway

Valentines is just around the corner so I wanna share the love with the everything you need to treat yo self and get glammed up. There’s a mix of my favourite affordable and pricier beauty brands, from Benefit and Body shop to Sleek and St Moriz. Plus, I’m giving away all the items featured to get you ready for a proper Valentines pamper session…

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OOTD: bold shades and frills

As much as I adore immaculately put together looks, sometimes life just calls for a jumper and jeans. Having a wardrobe full of structured pieces is all well and good until you have approx. 5 minutes to get ready and you have a looooong day ahead. What you really want is something comfy but doesn’t look like you’ve just rocked up in ya pjs – unless that’s your vibe, in which case I say yaaasss gal…
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Brunch at Sheaf Street Cafeteria, Leeds

Brunch is and if you disagree, this probs ain’t the place for you. I could happily eat brunch food for every meal and I love nothing more than spending my mornings in coffee shops, a plate of eggs benedict on one side and my laptop on the other (God bless free wifi). I’d heard some great things about the brunch offering at Sheaf Street Cafeteria so I grabbed a couple of my blogger gals for a post-shoot, brunch-fuelled catch-up…
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How to make your apartment Hygge

Living in a city centre apartment often means your home hardly resembles a country manor house. Open fires? No chance. Too many bedrooms? One can only dream. But city centre living is cosy AF and cosy is basically your first step to Hygge living (the totally cool and latest Danish lifestyle trend that isn’t going anywhere so just embrace it). So buckle up and head to your nearest Ikea ’cause there are some things you’re gonna wanna buy for my top 5 tips for a Hygge home…
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OOTD: how to wear everyday metallics

While most people look at kinda out there items of clothing and think ‘who would ever wear that?’, we all know I’ve already bought it, pulled the tags out and styled it up before you can say ‘Lucinda stop buying clothes you absolutely don’t need’. You know, like a jumper with giant pom poms on or heels covered in glitter and pom poms (there’s a trend here). Well this weeks accidentally on purpose purchase was a pair of sparkly silver disco boots and I’ve not had ’em off my feet! Get ready to bring a little glam to your everyday…
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The Alternative Weekend Break; a guide to Porto, Portugal

When it comes to visiting new cities, Instagram worthy spots are far higher up my priority list than they ought to be. Luckily, Porto is rather blooming gorgeous and has lots going on so your holiday snaps will fit your aesthetic but you won’t have to compromise on good food or exciting things to do. The city has a real trendy vibe but, with most people heading to the capital Lisbon, it isn’t over crowded. It’s the perfect alternative easy breezy weekend break…

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The perfect boots for transitional Spring style

My name is Lucinda and I’m a shoe addict…. well a shopping addict if I’m honest but we can deal with that another time. Boots are my absolute jam for pretty much every season, from over the knees to cut-out shoe boots (pls no one call them shooties, a shop assistant said this to me once and I died a bit inside). And for transitional style, is there anything better than ankle boots? They look chic with pretty much errrrr’thang, whatever the weather – though lets face it, it’s gonna be rain or snow for the next million months…

The patch work pair
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OOTD: Pompoms and ripped jeans

Every once in a while, a piece of clothing comes along that makes people question ‘how you made it’, despite it very obviously coming from a shop and being the best thing since sliced bread. It will probably involve pompoms, a little sparkle or sequins and some bold colour choices. And of course, every single item of clothing that has caused people to react in that way ever currently resides in my wardrobe…
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Top things to do in the Dominican Republic

When it comes to holidays, i’m happy enough to spend time by the pool and be a beach bum for a day or two, but I love exploring too. City breaks aren’t the only way to get a little culture and excitement. That said, as much as I’m sure jumping out of a plane is buckets of fun *eyeroll emoji moment*, I prefer to stay inside the plane until we reach our destination. But when we do arrive, I’m more than ready to get my heart racing. Who said holidays where just for relaxing…

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