A taste of Japan with Issho

For the longest time, I feel as though Leeds has been calling out for a contemporary Japanese restaurant. I’m talking great sushi (sorry Yo! but you’re hardly haute cuisine), tasting menus and specially selected ingredients from a very talented chef. The latter comes in the form of Ben Orpwood, previously of Zuma and, the restaurant with the greatest name ever, Sexy Fish. Set to launch in Summer with a home in Victoria Gate, the restaurant popped-up in Crafthouse’s private dinning room to give us a taste of what’s to come…
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Wardrobe staples with AND/OR at John Lewis*

Looking at my wardrobes, full to bursting point, it’s definitely time for a clear out. I’m more than guilty of buying fast fashion pieces that get worn once before making their way to the back of the wardrobe, never to be seen again. And how many times have we all had the ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment, despite clearly having enough clothes to dress an army (a stylish one, but still)? So I’m going back to basics and starting from scratch with my essential wardrobe staples so you ALWAYS have something to wear…

I’m ready to admit, I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of person that can just have a capsule wardrobe. The thought of only having like 30 pieces to choose from gives me nightmares. But that doesn’t change the fact that everyone’s wardrobe can benefit from smarter choices. The new AND/OR collection at John Lewis is full of versatile pieces, just waiting to be mixed and matched, so I’ve picked some of my faves to share.

The statement jacket
Sequins/anything that sparkles? You are my jam. There’s a lot to be said for a statement jacket. You can go from simple jeans and a tee to seriously chic with that one little addition. The ruffled texture of the Bella Jacket makes it trendy, without being too ‘this season’. It’s a piece you can come back to and wear for years. If you’re more of a denim kinda gal, there’s a dreamy embroidered denim jacket that you need. Denim is so easy to wear – I’m feeling it with high waisted black skinnies, a lace bralet and some barely there heels.

A good pair of jeans
I feel like a good pair of jeans is something everyone needs. My go-to style is ripped, black, high-waisted denim but I’m a huge fan of jeans with a little something something. Whether that’s a frill hem, glitter, floral applique or a trusty acid wash.

Layers on layers on layers
British weather is the bane of my existence. I can’t help purchasing every Summer piece going, and to actually be able to wear them without turning into an icicle, layering is a must. Bralets and oversized shirts, roll necks under everything… you get the vibe! That oversized stripe shirt would look good over/under anything.

Effortless accessories
Is there anything quite as satisfying as rolling out of bed, throwing on some sunglasses and feeling beyond fabulous? There isn’t, and from experience, a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses certainly does the trick.

What do you think of my must-haves? Anything I’ve missed?
Love Lucinda xx

*This post was sponsored by John Lewis but it’s allllll my own vibes, picks and opinion!

OOTD; the little white dress

If there’s one thing every Spring/Summer wardrobe needs, it’s a little white dress. My latest trip to Murcia gave me the chance to test run some new pieces, including this babin’ number from Rock My Vintage, and I’ve fallen in love. When something is just so easy to wear, it makes getting up and acing the day that much easier…
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Eat meat with Bossa*

Restaurant trends over the last couples of years have really taken to Leeds; think gourmet burgers, street food and all you can eat meat. And the latest edition to the latter is Bossa – a social dinning experience in the city. Bossa manages to compete with similar prices points without compromising on quality of the meat, with it’s little extras and delicious Brazilian inspired offerings…
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Picnic Afternoon Tea at Marco’s*

As far as eating out goes, I rarely need an excuse, but I feel like afternoon tea is a little more of a luxury. So with Mother’s Day around the corner and an invite from Marco’s New York Italian Restaurant to try out their afternoon tea, I got my favourite ladies together for a treat…
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Embracing your bikini body; why I’m not hiding my ‘flaws’

When it comes to today’s society, flawless skin and legs for days are everywhere. We allllll know Photoshop is used on the reg; not just in glossy magazines but all over social media too. ‘Real people’ online aren’t necessarily all that real. There’s so much pressure out there that you can hardly blame people for feeling the need to compete. Unfortunately, this just makes it more of a problem by creating more competition in a society that pits women against each other. So I’m embracing my so called flaws to bring some reality back to the online world…
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Finding your fragrance; perfumes for Spring

It can take years to find your signature fragrance… I discovered mine by chance before a flight to LA. I picked up the number 10 edition from the Dolce & Gabanna Anthropologie collection and fell instantly in love. Whenever I spray it now, it makes me think of sunshine and great memories. I’ve always been drawn to fragrances created for guys and I think the fact this is unisex and a little different to the normal floral offerings really drew me in. But since it was discontinued (heartbreaker – I stock up whenever I see it), I’ve been on the hunt for something new…
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Pan-Asian perfection at Bar Soba, Leeds

A new menu at a place you love can go one of two ways: either the restaurant ditches all the things you fell for in the first place OR they step up their game so much you end up ordering take-out from them the next night (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). But spoiler alert, when it comes to the new menu at Bar Soba,  luckily it’s the latter. Oh, and the spring rolls will change your life…
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The super simple way to make perfect pancakes

It’s unbelievably easy to make perfect pancakes. The ingredients in pancakes are pretty straight forward after all; just eggs, flour, milk and a pint of salt. I’ve been working on this method for so long now that I’m genuinely so proud the answer has finally dawned on me. And it couldn’t be easier. Want delicious tasting, evenly cooked, perfectly rounded pancakes every time? Here’s the secret…
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10 ways I still don’t have my life together

As a kid (and even a teen) you kinda assume people in their twenties have their lives together. But as someone who still regularly gets charged child prices on the bus, I can assure you that’s not the case. From apps to spending habits, I’m pretty much exactly the same as I was ten years ago, just without someone to tell me off for scrolling Facebook at 2am. So here’s 10 ways I absolutely still don’t have my life together…
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