autumn hues.

autumn hues.

I love seeing the seasons change. Colder weather gives us the chance to wear more clothes at once, which is always a good thing, the perfect winter coat hunt begins and it starts getting darker. I’m not just talking about the sky, A/W means darker hues and hair colour. As a rule I normally go light for summer and dark for winter and this year was no exception!
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In other news, term is beginning at University so things have been mad hectic. So as a thank you to my followers I’ve decided to double up my giveaway! The prize will have you kissing goodbye to summer and welcoming winter with love!
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Mannequin Madness.


Mannequins like these don’t promote a positive body image!

Building and retaining a positive body image is a difficult move in our celebrity obsessed society. We’re expected to compete with those who have all day to spend hitting the gym, can afford a personal trainer and have an excess of photoshopping editors on their side. In real life there are jobs to be done and Instagram isn’t exactly renowned for it’s touch ups.

Kim K and Kim K 2.0

Kim K and Kim K 2.0

Companies like Debenhams seem to be moving in the right direction by using a move diverse range of models and Dove’s ‘hacktivist’ campaign for real beauty ( check out the inspiring video here). In a recent article by Ben Bryant for the Telegraph Dorothy Perkins is reported to use size 10-12 mannequins. I’m not sure if Ben has checked out Dotty Ps recently but I walk past the shop window of this store, and others like Oasis, almost every day. Unfortunately my findings did not collaborate with his.


The skeletal shapes.

This mannequins are in no way based on a size 10-12 body. Try size zero for a more accurate representation. Companies are having to pin even their smallest sizes to these tiny mannequins. The sale of this unhealthy ‘ideal’ needs to be stopped and companies need to start promoting a healthy and achievable ideal instead. In a world where models need photoshop to stop them looking so sickly, we need to make a stand.

Pressure to be too skinny.

Pressure to be too skinny for models like Karlie Kloss.

A/W lust and must

a/w lust and must

Got Winter blues? Don’t shout till you’re red in the face, shout till you’re burgundy all over! It’s the season of dark hues and I well and truly love it! Check out my selection of lust-haves and must-haves for A/W. Everything about the must have side is fab. The only thing I can’t replace is the Willow tote by Mulberry. It’s beautiful and irriplaceible and I need it and…. oh.

McQ by Alexander McQueen red flare dress
$1,110 –

Yumi cardigan
$95 –

Eskandar cardigan
$940 –

Accessorize tote bag

Eugenia Kim hat