His and Hers Date Night Delight!

Pretty soon I’ll be leaving the comforts of home (no cooking or cleaning!) for my term time house in Leeds. The upside is I’ll be back with the other half. I love our date nights and can’t wait for the next. In the mean time…
Jones and Jones Poppy Dress £75
Louboutin Charleen Heels £440 (approx.)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch £188

Ted Baker Overcoat £191.09
Ted Baker Shoes £70.84
Daniel Wellington Watch £179

‘ve been in love with the Jones&Jones dress since it’s release and nothing can compare to the fabulous feeling of Louboutins.
Ted Baker is my go to menswear brand when choosing for the other half and I adore that overcoat! The shoes are classic.
When it comes to watches, I’m all about simple design. I don’t want a watch to tell me the day, the date or the position of the moon. I have no imminent plans to go scuba diving. I just want a watch to tell the time when my iPhone undoubtedly dies. Oh and it has to look good. The Baker model from the Marc by Marc Jacobs diffusion line is a sell out. With effortless style, the simple yet sophisticated timepiece caught my eye. When it comes to mens watches, I find links look too feminine. The ever popular Daniel Wellington piece in tan leather is a timeless piece (that pun WAS an accident, I swear!) that would look good on any wrist!
Of course no date night is complete without champagne and candlelight…
What’s your perfect date night outfit? Let me know in the comment box below.
Love Lucinda x
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What are you wearing? OOTD


Headband, Mountain Warehouse £16.99
Jumper, Primark £10
Discopants, Primark £16
Bag, Forever 21 £20
Boots, Primark £18
Watch, Marc Jacobs £168

1544286_10200719987036795_351435273_n 1493177_10200719993996969_1234196260_n

photo (16)

I‘m completely obsessed with my boots! I don’t think I’ve had them off my feet much all winter, other than to don the Louboutins on special occasions! I’m all ready craving summer bright and light shades so teaming my rather luminous  jumper with some other wise wintery tones inject some life into my outfit!
How do you rate my look? Comment below and let me know!
Love Lucinda x
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The good, the band and the well…

2014 has been ‘bangers’ in the words of Ms.Cyrus. With the first fashion week fast approaching, ad campaigns are being released left right and centre, and starring only the biggest and best *ahem*.
Here’s my highs and lows of the celeb-ified ad campaigns of 2014.
The Good:

alexlangchamp alexalongchamp

Alexa Chung for Longchamp.
It’s no surprise this little lady (emphasis on the little; she’s so tiny these days!) has scored yet another high profile ad campaign. Been whisked away to St Tropez to shoot the campaign, Chung looked fabulous as ever, whizzing round in that baby blue vintage fiat! After also completing her Eyekoko campaign, her next aim is to have her own fashion line. The problem is she “doesn’t have a fucking clue how”.

marcmiley2 marcmiley

Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs.
No she’s not in rehab yet. She is however in a stunning new campaign for the American wonderman Marc Jacobs in his SS2014 campaign. The striking, dark and broody images are a world away from her 2013 nude bikini and foam finger styling. There’ll be no cheeky pulling the tongue out in front of photographer David Simms,especially after Juergen Teller, Marc’s go to photographer, turned down the opportunity.
caramulberry2 caramulberry

Cara Delevigne for Mulberry
The ever stunning Ms Delevigne was bright eyed and bushy tailed for this naughty tea party set up by art director Cooke Newhouse. With a host of friends from a pony to a cockatoo and plenty in between, fresh faced Cara looked ever so lady like. It’s not her first campaign for the great British brand and since this it girl is going nowhere, I doubt it will be her last.

The Bad:
riribalmain2 riribalmain
Rihanna for Balmain
Okay I may be a little biased by the fact I dislike her. I mean, I just find her tacky, and some role model she’s supposed to be, blatantly smoking joints and getting back with Chris Brown? But I just find this campaign looks tacky. In this case, I would have much preferred an up and coming model, not yet blighted by her public appearances.
kimberlyvery2 kimberlyvery
Kimberly Walsh for Very
Oh Kimberly. This should have been left to the lovely ladies who kinda know what they’re doing (Fearne and Holly obviously). I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with that plastic looking pout and I don’t think I want to. There’s nothing about her that stands out. I find this campaign distinctly average, even without pitting it against the high end brands.

And the very unusual…
gagaversace gagaversache

Gaga for Versace
Now this is just plain weird. I know she likes to play BBFs with Donatella, but in this campaign she eerily looks like an exact copy. And whilst Donatella is vice president of the Versace group, you have to admit, she’s a little frightening in the looks department. At 31 one years junior to her, the resemblance must enough to make Gaga go gaga!

Which campaigns do you prefer? Am I wrong about any of them? Let me know in the comments below!
Love Lucinda x
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La Tasca, a taste of Espaňa.

I love sushi, don’t get me wrong, and try as my parents might, I’ve never really been into Asian Fusion cooking, but European food like Tapas has my name written all over it. So when my parents suggests we eat lunch at La Tasca I was much less my grumpy self to be torn away from shopping. After all it’s clothes first, food second!
It was pretty busy but we were seated quickly, after a desperate attempt from the Maitre d’ to get us to sit in the ‘delightful outside terrace’, inside.
photo 1 (2) photo (15)
I love the atmosphere and decoration in here. Spanish music plays just loud enough to not interrupt conversation but create an ambiance to suit the softly lit dinning area. The long candles in wine bottles add to the authenticity.
photo 2 (3) photo 5 (1)

Vintage Spanish wine crates decorate some of the walls which is a touch I love. Whilst I am quite the vino fan, I’m not the biggest lover of Spanish wine so I opted for a long island iced tea. Sadly it wasn’t long or alcoholic enough, just bitter with over zested lemon. This was a bit of a disappointment as I generally judge places on there ability to serve a good long island, however my Dad had gone for a bottle of some unusual Spanish beer which was surprisingly good.
photo 4 (1)

We ordered (from top L-R to bottom):
Pork cheek and delgado fritas (skinny fries!)
Spiced chicken wing
Octopus and fried potatoes
Seared rib meat
Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce)
Chorizo, olives, sundried tomatoes and peppers
Winter warmer salad: green beans and Serrano ham.

Tapas is meant for sharing so the three of us dug in. The food was spectacular. The pork cheek just fell apart, as did the rib meat. The salad was shockingly good, and probably not very good for me. I’m a sucker for good olives so I was sold on that dish. I love the whole ideal of sitting round as a family with sharing plates, catching up and enjoying a meal together. It’s not that often we get to since I’m away at uni a lot and my dad works away often so it made the lunch even lovelier.
photo 3 (1)

Lots of empty dishes!
While my cocktail was quite the let down, the food and the atmosphere certainly impressed. I would rate this venue with an 8/10 with the plan to grab a beer next time I visit!
Love Lucinda x
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Have you eaten at La Tasca? Let me know what you think, or if you’ve tried another great Tapas restaurant!

My Benefit Top5!

Any regular readers will know I am well and truly in love with Benefit. They were my best brand of 2013 and have made a promising start for 2014 with the #poreoclock campaign and their fabulous spy girls! So here’s my Benefit Top 5 Products:

1.Boi-ing concealer
2. They’re Real mascara
3. Hoola bronzer
4. The Porefessional pore minimiser
4&½. Total Moisture moisturiser (I shall explain…)
5. Instant Brow pencil (not pictured)

You may have noticed I have a top 6 or 5½… Well that’s because a. Benefit just have too many fab products and b. I can’t have one without the other!
DSCF1405 DSCF1423

Porefessional and Total Moisture go hand in hand. Alone they are wonderful, but together they are the perfect priming pair.

By blending the two together before application, the Porefessional goes even further to create an even base with super soft skin. For everyday wear I just pop boi-ing concealer where it’s needed and go, no foundation necessary.

I’ve been hunting for a good concealer for so long. I’ve tried absolutely everything: from the highly recommended NARS radient creamy concealer (Yuck! It just sat on my skin) to YSL Touche Eclat (which you have to love but it’s more of a highlighter than a concealer). I’ve wanted to try boi-ing for a while, Erase Paste was great but just a little to heavy for me. So i had high hopes. When Santa Claus left me a Best of Benefit kit (along with pretty much the rest of their stock) I was delighted to finally get to try it; and it did not disappoint. The cream glides on smooth giving the perfect amount of coverage. This handy little duo allows you to choose the intensity of coverage; lighter, darker or a combo of the two shades! I’m sold.


Hoola is my go to powder for contouring. It’s great alone or used to contrast a highlighter (try high-beam), plus a little bit goes along way. I’m really pale so I have to use a good blending brush but it results in showing off my practically non-existent cheekbones.


I’ll admit, including instant brow was a bit of an afterthought. I took my makeup closeups then applied the make up to myself. It was only then did I realize a crucial element was missing. Something I couldn’t live without… my brow pencil. I’ve been using this for well over a year now and I just keep going back. I hate my brows to look too perfect or drawn on. The pencil crayon is soft and not too defined. Add the spool into the mix and you can brush your brows to Delevigne style perfection.


Last but certainly not least, They’re Real. My eyelashes, pretty short, pretty stubborn, have always been a bain to my existence. I have two choices when going out: 1. Apply so much mascara I get repetitive strain disorder and can’t open my eyes or 2. Wear falsies. The problem with the first one is obvious, with the later, well they’re fake. So when I came across They’re Real it was love at first sight. For day time wear it’s one flick and go, for night time, I’m just a few coats away from lustrous lashes. It’s a life saver, and no more tiring myself out before I get out!

DSCF1448 DSCF1457

My top 5 = smooth skin, wonder brows, lush lashes and chiseled cheekbones (well almost)! What are your Benefit faves? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Lucinda x

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P.s how adorable are Benefit as a brand?!?



I discovered Feathers by Minnie when I met the creator Minnie Bunker on the committee for the LRFS (the Leeds RAG Fashion Show). Minnie is a 21 year old student at University of Leeds and is studying History of Art.
Minnie Bunker, right, creator of Feathers by Minnie.
The concept for Feathers by Minnie came about four years ago when she spotted feather hair extensions in a hippy market in Ibiza. After falling in love with them, she bought a small stock pile for herself at a very high price. When she began to receive plenty compliments on them during her first two years at Leeds University, she decided to take the plunge and invest in bringing feathers to Leeds.
minnielogominniefeathThe feathers are sourced from a wholesale supplier based here in the UK who hand-dyes and treats the real rooster feathers to ensure top quality colour. Aside from the feathers she also stocks fashion bindis and larger pieces of glittery body art which are sourced from India by Minnie herself. She travels there to see family or has then sent over by her her aunt. While bindis are beyond popular, it hasn’t always been the case…
“I am personally obsessed with bindis, and have been since before I came to uni.” says Minnie. “Although, pre-uni my friends always used to think I was a bit mad sticking a jewel on my forehead…. how times have changed.”


These sahi bindis are my absolute favourites! They’re currently on sale for just £2.50 online so get them before they’re gone! I’ve worn mine plenty times and they are reusable when cared for.

I had my feathers put in over two months ago and they still look great; unlike the ones I had put in at Leeds festival which lasted all of two weeks!
They also look great with your hair tied up!
The feathers are really easy to care for and you can do pretty much what you want with them. They can be washed, blow-dried, curled, straightened; you name it! The colour remains strong and the feathers naturally grow out with your hair.
Minnie also offers a free service to move them back up when necessary, which just adds to the appeal!
Minnie is based in Leeds during term time but has been in London over Christmas so look out for her if she’s on the move! She’s been at all the big LUU events and also does home visits to fit the feathers. I can’t wait to be back in Leeds and have another set fitted, they’re so addictive!
Store: Feathers by Minnie

Facebook page: Feathers by Minnie

Kimono Crazy!

I spent about half of last year refusing to take off kimonos, included a blazer version from Zara which I still absolutely love and wore for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in Manchester!

Thankfully the Fashion Gods have seen fit to continue creating fab floral numbers and luxe looks with these easy to wear items! So here are my favourites:
13C09EBLK_normal 13C09EBLK_5_small 13C09EBLK_4_small

This velvet Topshop take at £48 has me sold! The short sleeves are perfect for those feeling optimistic about spring and the feel of the piece is just luxury! The tassles give it a festival vibe (though tassels and portaloos DO NOT MIX – when will people learn?) and it looks great with a relaxed tshirt and jeans.


This Kiss the Sky kimono is available exclusively at ASOS for a cool £32. The contrasting paisley print gives it the traditional oriental feel and who doesn’t love that hippy vibe?

You can pick up this longer number from Forever 21 for a measley £18.75 and in a variety of colours! They also have some really cool short versions from just £15.

They’re my top picks. Have you spotted any cute kimonos recently? Link me in the comments section!
Lucinda x
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The Trafford Centre Strikes Back!

You know when you get home from a long days shopping, put your feet up and regret the things you didn’t buy? Well I did. So I went back.

Here’s what I wore but more importantly, here’s what I bought second time round:

1. Game of Thrones calendar from Clintons £4.50
2. Burgundy Shirt from Primark £9
3. Tres Jolie crop tee from H&M £10
4. Snakeskin effect ox blood bag from Forever 21 £20
5. Femme Heart necklace from Forever 21 £3.90
6. Embellished Clutch by SkinnyDip London at Bank £15
tc2 tc6

I wasn’t sure about the clutch bag at first but then I realised that my hands were refusing to put it down and my feet were taking me in the direction of the checkout so I had very little choice in the matter! I’m so glad I did as it looks fabulous with my top secret ball gown (I also purchased that today but I’m keeping it on the DL for now).
I spotted the ox blood coloured bag on my initial trip when I bought my kimono jacket from Forever 21 and spent a while before deciding that I didn’t really need another bag… well it turned out I did!

tc3 tc7

The necklace was another Forever 21 buy and a bargain! When I saw the price tag I knew I had to have it. It looks adorable and looked perfect with my outfit!


A bit of an indulgence for me and the boyfriend… Personally I can’t wait till December for Tywin Lannister… I know, I have strange taste!

Finally my Tres Jolie crop tee. I’d seen one of my favourite bloggers Emtalks wearing something quite similar (which you can see here) and with my love for the french language I was very happy with my purchase!

Taken advantage of the January sales? Or just splurged anyway? Tell me about it!
Lucinda x
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***MAC Lipstick Giveaway!!!***

As a thank you to my lovely followers and in celebration of the return of TFF, I’m hosting a giveaway! Entry is simple: follow the blog, follow me on twitter, tweet about the giveaway or comment on this post with your fav colour for your chance to win a MAC lipstick in the colour of your choice! The giveaway will run for one week and the winner will be chosen at random!


So what are you waiting for?

& Good Luck!

Turn for the worst?

Over the last few years Primark have really upped their game. From tacky neons to a tartan takeover, the progression has continued to grow. And while the price has grown with it, the cost of pieces from Primark is still a fragment of other high street stores. I was slightly disappointed to see the regression back to the ‘Look at me’ outrageous outfits for the coming season.

Cheap looking sportswear? Haven’t we seen enough of it already? The print is tacky, it looks cheap and I can guarantee it feels worse than it looks!
They’re a little late to the game with this asymmetric skort, Zara’s sell out version was SS13.


I actually quite like this dress but it hardly screams summer sunshine.

Ok I take it back… give the black back PLEASE! Why on earth would anyone think a pink biker jacket is acceptable to pretty much anyone other than pink ranger? The fact that it’s made from PU just adds insult to injury. Eurgh.
Oh and it’s also available in ‘ivory’…

Cheap and tacky. That is all.

Palm trees in summer? How original!
There are still pieces to look forward too, like the baroque jacket and pants/skirt set available to mix and match.
Fingers crossed this is just an off season and Primark will go back to it’s disposable goodness!