OOTD Exposé

Lace top: ZARA £20
Dungarees: ZARA £40
Shoes: Primark past season
Trench: Burberry vintage.
Necklace: LVNDR £7

The sun is shining in Leeds and I’m ready for spring! I fell in love with the navy lace ZARA crop, which is a little revealing, but is so fun to style.

Any excuse to wear overalls is a good excuse. They’re comfy and fun and add a laid back element to the slightly racey top and high end trench. I love the contrast of the Burberry print lining and the leopard print shoes.

IMG_1109 IMG_1131IMG_1140 IMG_1155
Lipstick: Rebel by MAC
Eyes: Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay

Do you like the outfit? Would you add the items to your SS14 wardrobe? Comment below and let me know!

Love Lucinda x
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The IT Dress

Both Beyonce AND January Jones were spotted in the monochrome Topshop sellout dress. I love seeing celebrities in high street clothing. It shows you don’t have to splash out for style.
bey bwdress jj
 love the simplicity of the cut and the on trend colour scheme. And since it’s sold out, I’ve found some alternatives:
Lipsy Dress £35
Love the contrasting stripe panels and simple cut!

Karen Millen Dress £135

The splash of colour on the neckline makes this dress stand out.

& Other Stories £69
The structure of this dress is perfect for skimming problem areas and creating that ever desirable silhouette.

Are you dying to get your hands on the Topshop sellout? Which alternative is your fave? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Lucinda x
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Lorde for MAC

As a sunshine person, summer can’t come quick enough. Now I know Lorde will collab with MAC to bring out a signature makeup range… I absolutely can not wait. Rebel is already a staple in my lipstick collection and the collection has to work with Lorde’s signature look!
Expect dramatic lips, bold brows and pale shadows.
IMG_0755 IMG_0757IMG_0758IMG_0760
y new MAC Rebel, I’ve been converted! Get Lorde’s look online at www.maccosmetics.co.uk/ when it launches this summer.

Dolce & Gabbana Mosaico Collection.

 absolutely cannot get over the work and effort put into creating these beautiful sunglasses! The entire collection is hand made as a pain staking piece-by-piece jigsaw!
Check the video on Vogue Italia here!
I’m so in love.

Introducing: FRESHlaces.

I was recently invited to an event at Harvey Nichols in Manchester called Fresh Laces. Targeted at ‘sneaker heads’ I wasn’t quite sure what to expect…
photo 1 copy 4 photo 1 copy 3
What it turned out to be was a culture event, combining footwear, clothing, live music and DJs, gaming and art! The day kicked off at 11am for press with goodie bags and fizz and opened to the public at 12. There were stalls right across the second floor of Harvey Nics to catch your attention…

photo 2 photo 4
This guy from I want your sole certainly caught my eye!

Elisha Francis
The first stall that really stood out to me was the Elisha Francis Jewellery. Elisha created the brand back in 2009 and has loved working with Harvey Nics. She described her current collection as ‘vintage warrior princess’ which certainly wouldn’t go a miss with Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones). Past collections have a distinct Gatsby/1920s feel which I love.
photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 5 photo 4 copy photo 2 copy photo 3 copy
lisha also does PR for Fresh Laces events, co-ordinated by her husband Nathan.
Nathan started up Fresh Laces in April last year as an event for sneaker addicts and like minded people. This is their 6th event and the first outside of London. He’s been a trainer collector for over ten years, hoarding them too! The aim of Fresh Laces is to bring the hype around trainers and the lifestyle over from the US.
IMG_0059 IMG_0057 IMG_0055
Social media plays a huge part in sourcing the brands and allow the Fresh Laces team to pick the best independent brands, with 16 of them at the event.

From Virginia
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4
From Virginia is run by Ben, who paints and updates basically anything he can get his hands on. He spent the day updating new pieces in front of a crowd. Those Balenciaga trainers were insane… unfortunately I could probably fit both of my feet in just one shoe!

Davo Howard
photo 1
photo 2 photo 3photo 5
With quite the cult following, not to mention over 21,000 instagram fans, Davo’s work is beyond cool. Inspired by footwear and just about everything else, his combination of bright colours and 3D flowers create accessible art for all. Davo feels like his work adds a cool vibe to the event.

photo 4 copyphoto 3 copy
Even his footwear reflects the cool persona!

photo 2 copyphoto 1 copy 2
photo 5
This was the first time BENJART had been involved in fresh laces. They’ve hosted other events in London, popping up in places you wouldn’t expect such as high end hotels. The brand was created nearly 7 years ago with just £100, selling to friends and family. As a true indie brand, it just grew from there!

Sole Fresh
photo 4photo 5-2
The creator behind sole fresh had nothing but praise for Fresh Laces, calling it the leading sneaker movement in the UK, lead by great people putting in the time and effort to make it a huge success. The current Sole Fresh range was inspired by the Bordeaux trainer (the pattern on the motif is a copy of the Bordeaux sole) and playing on the reference to the Bordeaux wine region of France with the bottle and glass!

photo 3 copy photo 4 photo 5 copy 2
Walking through the store afterwards had me on trainer alert, I couldn’t not notice these Isabel Marant and Jimmy Choo versions!

Goodie Bag
photo 1photo 2 copyphoto 2photo 3photo 4photo 5
It’s always lovely to get a goodie bag at events! The lovely Elisha had personalised them all which was super sweet! The bag included: vouchers, a set of ‘fresh laces’, yummy chilli clusters from Harvey Nics and a beautifully wrapped Elisha Fancis rose charm bracelet!

Have you heard of Fresh Laces before? Would you check it out in future? Comment below and let me know!
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Glam Glow; beyond the hype.

When a product is engulfed by masses of bloggers raving about it, I try not to read too much into it. Hyping something up usually leads to disappointment. Unfortunately, Glam Glow Youth Mud was no different.
photo 1 (11) photo 2 (12) photo 3 (10)

The packaging is pretty simple, though the stars make it a little too Hollywood tack. Opening it up to see the words ‘hello sexy’ was pretty amusing. Who doesn’t want to hear that on a regular basis? When I got to the actual pot I realised it was tiny compared to the box it came in. I immediately began to question the cost per use considering a pot this size (15mls) costs £25. The box and instructions hold a lot of promises for reduced blemishes, radiant skin etc.

photo 4 (8)photo 5 (7)

The ‘Youth Mud’ is a khaki shade and is more of a paste than anything. In their favour a small amount does go pretty far. I’ve had three uses which has taken just over a third of the tub. They do recommend use twice a week OR just for special occasions so you can make it last if you aren’t using it for everyday life.

photo 2 (11)photo 3 (9)

The first photo is my skin after the second use. It was still pretty blemished considering I normally have clean, blemish free skin. I did want to give the product a fair chance, so I tried it again, a full week after my last application. The results after using it twice in a week were not that amazing but I hoped for the best. The mud dried quickly and has a warming, tingly sensation. I do like products that you can feel working and this was no exception.

photo 3 (11) photo 5 (6) photo (18)
I followed the instructions to a T and exfoliated the mask off with warm water, rubbing gently in circular motions. My immediate reaction was impressed by how soft my skin felt. This was short lived. After about five minutes my face began to feel very dry. This wasn’t the first time either. Not long after each use I had needed to coat my face in moisturiser. Not only that, but this time I had a burnt patch on my right cheek. It doesn’t look as defined in the images, but when I looked in the mirror there it was, a big red blotch on the side of my face. I also experienced dry patches of my skin.

photo 2 (13)
Thankfully I had a travel pot of Nivea on hand!
Now I would like to point out I do have fairly sensitive skin. I avoid cheap products and was always disappointed as a child because I wasn’t allowed Matey bath soak. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you clearly missed out too! But I expected a high end product like this to do wonders for my sensitive skin. Do be careful if you purchase this product and have sensitive skin. I tried a patch test which was fine/As I said it was only the third use that caused the sore.

My skin calmed down after a few days but I don’t think I’ll be trying it again.
Once again I’m let down by a product surrounded in hype.
It just shows how beauty products can be so different for different people.

Have you tried any of the Glam Glow products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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What are you wearing? OOTD!

So I’m officially in love with this pink mohair coat… for £55 from NEW LOOK! I almost died. I’ve been lusting over the Topshop one for as long as I can remember but couldn’t bring my self to splurge on it after getting my lovely Joy! coat. But when I spotted this in stores I fell head over heels. It wasn’t online when I checked so I picked it up in store the next time I saw it. Lucky for you, it’s right here + free delivery on orders over £45 & there’s 20% of for students at the moment!

photo 1 (6)photo 1 (5)
Pink Mohair Coat, New Look £55
Tea Dress, Primark £8
Boots, Primark £18
Bag, Forever21 £20

photo 4 (6) photo 4 (3) photo 3 (7)

I love the dress. I picked it up for such a bargain price of £8! Just be careful with sizes if you want to buy this or a similar style from Primark… the sizing isn’t always accurate (the size 8 in this was bigger than the 10). The boots and bag have become my winter staples, they look great with pretty much anything. The bag is also available in black.

photo 1 (9) photo 3 (8)
I’ve also ventured back to my ‘true calling’. Yes I’m ginger once more. Oh I’ve missed it. That and the taunts that follow, but I love it really!

What do you think, does the coat match up to Topshops version? Or have you spotted another adorable winter warmer? Let me know in the comments below!
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Let there be Meat! Red’s low and slow BBQ review.

I’ve been to Red’s twice in my life.
The first time I tried it, the place was packed and the food was sensational.
The second time I tried is, the place was busy and the food was sensational.
On a weekend the restaurant is packed to the rafters, waiting times for a table of two is generally around an hour and a half and you don’t get much elbow room.
A Tuesday evening is clearly a much better time to go.
We walked into to the low lit venue expected to be given a waiting time but were seated immediately by a lovely host. Service staff were straight over to take our drinks orders, really efficient and polite. Any one who knows me knows I hate rude serving staff (and am currently boycotting Giraffe), especially since I used to work in the food industry. Luckily the staff at Red’s are a delight. I would highly recommend the home made lemonade, super sweet and got me excited for summer.
reds (3)

Praise be to the God of Meat!
The menu includes every thing you could possibly want barbecued. The main features are the ribs and the burgers. And let’s not forget the insane range of condiments…
reds (2) reds (1)
If the sound of them isn’t enough to get your mouth watering, the smells coming from the open kitchen surely are. As advertised, smells are completely free.
I ordered a donut burger (I would diet except, you know, food is great) which came with skin on fries and two spicy hush puppies (what appear to be similar to deep fried pickles – but SPICY!).
The other half ordered Pork and Slaw which I had a cheeky nibble of (tasted fantastic!) and mac and cheese.
reds (4)

I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t finish it. I had to sacrifice most of my chips to get the most of that burger! I’m already a dedicated fan of sweet and savoury (yes I’m talking pancakes and bacon) so when I saw the menu, I was sold. Counter in the bacon, fried onions and layers of cheese, I was in obesity heaven!  I’d go back every day if it wouldn’t involve me having to be rolled home.
The food here is just ridiculously good. Reds… I salute you and your dedication to true barbeque.
I shall most definitely be back.
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All work and no play!

Exam season is finally over… Ok I only had one but I had a lot of work to do including multiple viewings of the same ten hours of news. And when work is done and dusted there’s only one thing to do: more work.

So it wasn't like work work...

So it wasn’t like work work…

Admittedly it was the kind of work I love, filming and editing, which is odd since I never really do videos specifically for my blog. It’s something I’ve considered and may take up but for now, please enjoy the following…

The Leeds RAG Bacchanalia 2014 promo video!

Here’s to a night of drunken revelry!

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