Pan-Asian perfection at Bar Soba, Leeds

A new menu at a place you love can go one of two ways: either the restaurant ditches all the things you fell for in the first place OR they step up their game so much you end up ordering take-out from them the next night (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). But spoiler alert, when it comes to the new menu at Bar Soba,  luckily it’s the latter. Oh, and the spring rolls will change your life…
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The super simple way to make perfect pancakes

It’s unbelievably easy to make perfect pancakes. The ingredients in pancakes are pretty straight forward after all; just eggs, flour, milk and a pint of salt. I’ve been working on this method for so long now that I’m genuinely so proud the answer has finally dawned on me. And it couldn’t be easier. Want delicious tasting, evenly cooked, perfectly rounded pancakes every time? Here’s the secret…
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10 ways I still don’t have my life together

As a kid (and even a teen) you kinda assume people in their twenties have their lives together. But as someone who still regularly gets charged child prices on the bus, I can assure you that’s not the case. From apps to spending habits, I’m pretty much exactly the same as I was ten years ago, just without someone to tell me off for scrolling Facebook at 2am. So here’s 10 ways I absolutely still don’t have my life together…
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OOTD: gotta go to work

Workwear, smart casual and all that jazz are enough to keep ya up at night. If you’re anything like me, your outfits might range day-to-day from covered in sequins for total mermaid vibes to all black err’thang to living the life of a slug so someone pass me some joggers asap. Having a job kinda gets in the way of spending all day in your pjs and watching Netflix, or rocking up with glitter in your hair, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still look chic AF…
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The Alternative Weekend Break; a guide to Cologne, Germany

Since my alternative weekend break guide to Porto went down so well, I figured I would share some more of my fave city breaks. It’s so easy to get drawn into visiting the same destinations over and over again. And places like Paris and Barcelona are iconic for good reason, but there are some great little getaways to be had for a fraction of the price! I’d never thought of Germany as a weekend getaway type place, until I visited Cologne…
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Galentines with The Cocktail Experience

Over the years, my friendship groups have changed wildly. From being absolutely surrounded by girls in high school to the once cringey ‘I only hang out with guys ’cause it’s less drama’ college years, then the mismatch of Uni and post-uni life, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m lucky enough to have amazing best friends dotted about the country, that I’ve picked up along the way, but since starting blogging I’ve met an amazing group of inspiring gals. There’s always at least one or two fabulous faces at each event I’m at – and what better way to celebrate than getting loads of us together with a whole host of amaze cocktails from the best bars in Leeds? So grab your gals and a bottle of Moet and get your Galentines on…
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OOTD: alternative valentines outfit

As much as I love getting dolled up in a little red dress and Louboutins, my wardrobe isn’t exactly packed to bursting with ‘dressy dresses’. I tend to go for more alternative looks with quirky pieces so I figured I’d share a Valentines look that’s a little different to the usual. Depending on my Valentines plans, I’d swap in a pair of heels and a Russian Red lip, but more than likely I’ll be playing ping pong in a pair of flats…
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The ultimate guide to Valentines; Leeds

I’m a total sucker when it comes to romance. I could watch RomComs all day every day and I’m always ready with cute love puns (I love you a latte and you are my significant otter are my current faves). But when it comes to Valentines day, my other half and I tend to give it a miss. Dinner reservations have to be made weeks in advance, only for you to pay more to essentially sit on another couples knees and choose from a limited menu with the wait staff rushed off their feet (never a recipe for great service). I’m not one of those ‘you should show your other half you love them everyday…’ types, we just choose to celebrate on any other day, where we can rock up to our fave restaurant looking glam AF and actually enjoy the experience (for half the price). So whether you’re celebrating Valentines or Galentines, do it right…

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Valentines gift guide & giveaway

Valentines is just around the corner so I wanna share the love with the everything you need to treat yo self and get glammed up. There’s a mix of my favourite affordable and pricier beauty brands, from Benefit and Body shop to Sleek and St Moriz. Plus, I’m giving away all the items featured to get you ready for a proper Valentines pamper session…

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OOTD: bold shades and frills

As much as I adore immaculately put together looks, sometimes life just calls for a jumper and jeans. Having a wardrobe full of structured pieces is all well and good until you have approx. 5 minutes to get ready and you have a looooong day ahead. What you really want is something comfy but doesn’t look like you’ve just rocked up in ya pjs – unless that’s your vibe, in which case I say yaaasss gal…
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