Festive Cheats; Christmas Tree Alternatives For City Centre Living.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, why do you take up so much room in my already small apartment with limited storage all year long with your lovely but unnecessarily large branches? Yeah, I could buy a real one and throw it away to save space but a. pricey, b. not great for the environment and c. blooming pine needles everywhere! So I’m team faux tree all the way, with a little help from those pine scent sticks so you can feel the real tree fantasy. But with limited living and storage space, a 7 foot tree with a rather large box isn’t exactly practical. So I pulled together some alternative ideas to get your place looking festive…
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Festive Cheats; Baileys Chocolate & Salted Caramel Tarts

I’m a sucker for salted caramel… And millionaires shortbread… and anything with Baileys around Christmas time, as it goes. So these tasty little tarts are a new found addiction of mine. Of course, they’re super simply made with a few pre-prepared (aka ready bought) essentials, but feel free to make them from scratch if you have nothing better to do with your days.
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Festive Cheats; the Moscow Mule winter cocktail recipe

December 1st means the countdown to Christmas is officially on, despite that fact I’ve already had my tree up and decorated for over a week. And what better way to start the celebrations than with a boozy recipe? The first ever recipe on The Fashion Fictionary (of course its alcoholic) marks the launch of my Festive Cheats series. Up until Xmas day, I’ll be sharing recipes, DIYs and style posts with shortcuts to Christmas. Who needs to infuse their own gin, make their own pastry or try and squeeze a 6 foot tree into a tiny city centre apartment? Not me, that’s for sure! So if you wanna live you best lazy gal life, this series is gonna be for you, starting with my Winter Moscow Mule recipe…
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Prestige Brunch at Vice & Virtue, Leeds*

I won’t lie, brunch is basically an every weekend kinda occurrence these days, because what’s a weekend with Eggs Benedict and a flat white or 7? But after a while, it all starts to get a little samey. So it was time to check out somewhere doing brunch a little differently, and that somewhere just happened to be Vice & Virtue
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The best luxury brunch in Leeds; Bottomless brunch at Issho

What’s better than brunch? Well, considering it’s the best thing since sliced bread, very little. Except bottomless brunch. Since the trend made its way up north, Leeds has grabbed onto it with all the enthusiasm of a fashion blogger fighting over the last pair of those H&M earrings. Bottomless brunch does come at a price though (literally, they can be pretty pricey) so you’re gonna want to know what you’re in for before booking. So with an invite to check it out, I figured I would do my bit and head along to sample the bottomless brunch offering at Issho
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Casual weekend wear; styling Vans with Footasylum.

When it comes to shoes a. I have too many and b. I like ’em comfy. I used to be all about heels but I’ve always had a love for Vans, and these days you’re more likely to find me in a pair of flats (or sparkly ankle boots… but you get my gist). I’ve worn out countless pairs of Vans and Converse over the years, especially in my teens, paired with skinny jeans and band tees. With the first women’s Footasylum store opening in Leeds, I decided to pick-up a fresh pair and style them up for my current fashion aesthetic…
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What’s new & what’s happening; Summer in Leeds

Summer in Leeds is essentially busy season for new openings, menu changes and roof terrace parties. I feel like I’ve hardly seen the inside of my flat in weeks and can’t remember the last time I cooked dinner at home (totally not a bad thing), so I’ve pulled together a round up of the best bits of what’s been going on in Leeds lately…
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How to live your best life; don’t be embarrassed!

After heading to Blog at the Beach with Icelolly last week, I’ve been feeling so inspired, especially after a talk from Jen at She Gets Around, who had us up on our feet dancing, writing poems and supporting each other. One of the things she said really stuck with me… ‘Don’t be embarrassed’. Life is for the living so what’s the point of holding yourself back? I’m so behind not wasting time on the opinions of others so I’ve written my top tips for embracing your best life. Ready to shake it off?


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OOTD; Summer style from Zara

Zara are absolutely storming this seasons trends. You can’t move in store without picking up oversized sleeves, statement hems or embellished just-about-everything! There are plenty of items on my Wishlist, desperately trying to edge their way into my basket, but I’m broke AF so I limited myself to just a couple of pieces…
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The Alternative Weekend Break; a guide to Cambridge, England

So, after just one weekend, I’m in love with Cambridge. That might be a bit forward… I mean the glorious sunshine probably helped and the Pimms definitely did, but there were so many quirks about the city, I just couldn’t help it.  I’ve been talking about wanting to do more UK city breaks for a while so I couldn’t wait to jump on a train and be a tourist for the weekend. With one of my oldest friends as my tour guide, I couldn’t wait to explore that gorgeous city…
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