Festive Cheats; the ultimate boozy chocolate milk

As basically the ambassador right now for all things lazy gal life appropriate, I figured another boozy festive cheat wouldn’t hurt. This one is actually an adaption of a general life hack that I stick by, which is never to make actual hot cocoa. Instead, I buy chocolate fudge milk (a dream boat in itself) and heat that hun right up in the microwave. Instant hot chocolate with no powder in sight. But what if we made it boozy…
Time: literally zero time on the drink. You’ll spend more time drinking it, which also won’t take you long since it’s so damn delish. The only fiddly bit is the glass decor, but if I can do it, girl, so can you.

Difficulty: You know when you reach that stage of the night where you’ve had just enough gin to make you think you could bank roll the whole bar with shots and want to impress people? You could make this for them, that’s how simple it is. Just decorate the glass in advance.
1 fancy pants cosmo glass
200ml of chocolate fudge milk (or whatever your fave choc milk is, I don’t judge)
25ml of Baileys
50ml of Salted Caramel Gin Liquor
A large spoonful of Nutella (plus extra for decorating the glass)
A handful of chopped hazelnuts
Get the jar of Nutella (preferably a large one so you can eat it from the jar afterwards) and a knife, then smear a thick layer around the edge of the glass. If your hazelnuts aren’t chopped, stick them in a sandwich bag or whatever you have handy and smash them with a rolling pin… Or whatever you have handy! Makeshift is the way, just don’t smash a wine bottle doing this (says the voice of experience). Stick them on a plate and roll the glass edge until its covered in them. You may need to stick a few on if you have a bald patch or two. I found sprinkling the tiny crumbs on made it look a bit fuller and like it was achieving more from life. Then I looked at my alcohol intake and figured I should probably reconsider some life choices. Heat up your chocolate milk if you want to drink this warm, or pour straight into the shaker over ice if your after a chilled drink, followed by the Baileys and Salted Caramel Gin Liquor (I’ve linked mine which I discovered at a Christmas Market). Shake it up and pour into the glass. Aaaaannnd your done! Told ya it was easy.
Verdict: The best thing you’ll put in your mouth this Christmas, which is impressive since, you know, roast potatoes exist. If you’re heating it up, feel free to top with whipped cream (that might have sounded like a suggestion but it was more of an instruction).

So who’s for a round?

Love Lucinda xx



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