Festive Cheats; Christmas Tree Alternatives For City Centre Living.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, why do you take up so much room in my already small apartment with limited storage all year long with your lovely but unnecessarily large branches? Yeah, I could buy a real one and throw it away to save space but a. pricey, b. not great for the environment and c. blooming pine needles everywhere! So I’m team faux tree all the way, with a little help from those pine scent sticks so you can feel the real tree fantasy. But with limited living and storage space, a 7 foot tree with a rather large box isn’t exactly practical. So I pulled together some alternative ideas to get your place looking festive…
Christmas wreath
I am so here for a festive wreath, especially one you’ve made yourself. Last year I ordered a length of greenery from the good old internet, doubled it up into a circle and went wild with the glue gun. It’s the easiest way to get one that matches your theme perfectly (I used matching bits and pieces on my tree), and using naturals means it smells dreamy too.

Pallet tree 
Made from slats of wood joined together with twine and fairy lights, this is the ultimate space saver – it’s practically 2D. If you want a legit 2D version, Washi tape on windows, walls or doors works too, without the need for nails in the wall and it doesn’t leave a mark. Pinterest is your go-to for this, mainly because I’m too lazy to create one myself.

Giant wine glass
Proof that there is no wine glass big enough por moi. I decorate it differently throughout the year but when Christmas comes around, it gets filled with baubles, pine cones, fairy lights, dried oranges and anything else festive I can get my hands on. It also works well with a fish bowl!

Photo frame
I’ve seen loads of different takes on this, from set back festive art in wide frames, with the bottom filled with baubles, to giant DIY stars like this one from A Crafty Mix. If you go for a frame, you can totally repurpose it for a gin fund for the rest of the year, and if you’re obsessing over that star as much as I am, just take the baubles out in January and embrace it.

Mini tree
If you just can’t cope without a tree all together, go for a small one. Mine is four foot, mixed texture and yes, it still takes up room, but for sure not as much as a 6 footer! With less space to decorate, I stick to statement baubles and decor, with minimalist lighting and a few smaller pieces thrown in. My current theme is muted metallics and naturals, which is the best as my tree is still as eclectic as I am, without looking thrown together.

Love Lucinda xx



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