Festive Cheats; the Moscow Mule winter cocktail recipe

December 1st means the countdown to Christmas is officially on, despite that fact I’ve already had my tree up and decorated for over a week. And what better way to start the celebrations than with a boozy recipe? The first ever recipe on The Fashion Fictionary (of course its alcoholic) marks the launch of my Festive Cheats series. Up until Xmas day, I’ll be sharing recipes, DIYs and style posts with shortcuts to Christmas. Who needs to infuse their own gin, make their own pastry or try and squeeze a 6 foot tree into a tiny city centre apartment? Not me, that’s for sure! So if you wanna live you best lazy gal life, this series is gonna be for you, starting with my Winter Moscow Mule recipe…
Time:  5 mins (if you can chop grapefruit well and you don’t include 17 flustered minutes trying to wrap twine around cinnamon sticks and attach them to your cup, hence why the second cup has a different decoration style…

Difficulty: You could drink 6 gin & tonics and still smash this out of the park (I may or may not be living proof of this…).
Ingredients (per serving):
50ml Smirnoff Gold (it’s cinnamon flavour a.k.a extra festive
100ml Ginger Beer
Juice of half a Lime
Juice of half a Grapefruit
Half a sliced Grapefruit
1 sprig of Rosemary

For prep:
Copper mug (though they taste just as good in any old glass, do it for the gram)
Cocktail shaker

For decor:
Cinnamon Sticks
17 minutes of time you’ll never get back
This is the hard part… Stick ice in the bottom of your shaker. Measure (or free pour, live your best life) and add 50ml of Vodka and 100ml of Ginger Beer. For the people at the back, that’s 1:2 spirit to mixer, so multiply that as needed. DO NOT DRINK IT STRAIGHT FROM THE SHAKER WITH A STRAW (told you, hard part). Half your fruits and squeeze in your lime and grapefruit juice, then give it a good old shake. Now shake it some more, as much as Taylor does but less than Outkast would. Grab a strainer and pour into your beautifully decorated mugs. Throw in a little fresh ice and slice up your remaining grapefruit, then throw that in too. If you’re feeling extra fancy, give a sprig of rosemary a roll around in your hands, maybe pull of a few bits and whack that in too. It’ll probs get in your teeth but it does look you know what you’re doing.
So fun, festive and fruity, they make Wednesday feel like Friday, but take no responsibility for your Thursday AM hangover. Get some chicken nuggets and pull yourself together. Enjoy!

Love Lucinda xx


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