Eat meat with Bossa*

Restaurant trends over the last couples of years have really taken to Leeds; think gourmet burgers, street food and all you can eat meat. And the latest edition to the latter is Bossa – a social dinning experience in the city. Bossa manages to compete with similar prices points without compromising on quality of the meat, with it’s little extras and delicious Brazilian inspired offerings…
The idea behind the restaurant is a a relaxed, fun dinning vibe. The meaning of bossa in Brazilian is along the lines of creativity, trying new things and having a great time together, which is captured completely by the busy atmosphere and fun elements, like the green and red cow that tells the staff if you’re ready to keep eating. The cocktail menu is pretty straight forward but full of surprisingly impressive combinations – try everything, but if you have to pick one, go for the gringo juice!
As waiters make their way around the restaurant, ready to tell you about the different meats on offer, you can help yourself to the ‘salad bar’ with authentic Brazilian staples like the Black Bean Stew. Plus, ask and you shall receive – the staff are more than happy to cook to your liking. The addition of sides to the all you can eat menu is a great asset – those Bossa fries are a MUST!
We were treated to a visit from the cocktail mixologist, showing us how to whip up a Caipirinha – one of my favourite cocktails, made with Cachaça (a Brazilian spirit, similar to Tequila).  Super simply, they’re just fresh limes muddled with sugar, topped with crushed ice and a couple of measures of Cachaça. It’s incredibly refreshing and perfect for when the sun if shinning.
We finished off dinner with churros stuffed with chocolate, dipped in even more coco! If you haven’t had churros before, they’re basically an upgrade on a donut with more textured and served with cinnamon aka seriously yummy.

Bossa is a brilliant, affordable alternative to the more expensive eateries and the location makes it perfect for popping in at lunchtime or after work socialising. Thanks to Restaurants of Leeds and the team at Bossa for inviting us down.

Love Lucinda xx

Bossa is on Cloth Square, LS1 2HD. I was invited to taste and review the menu. All opinions are my own.


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