Pan-Asian perfection at Bar Soba, Leeds

A new menu at a place you love can go one of two ways: either the restaurant ditches all the things you fell for in the first place OR they step up their game so much you end up ordering take-out from them the next night (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). But spoiler alert, when it comes to the new menu at Bar Soba,  luckily it’s the latter. Oh, and the spring rolls will change your life…
We kicked off the evening with a few drinks before the starters began to appear. Having been a huge fan of the Soba fries and ordering them exclusively on every visit, the table filling up in front of me with a huge array of appetisers had me reaching for a bit of everything. First stop? Cheese burger spring rolls. Yep, like a posh, Asian Big Mac. They shouldn’t work but damn, they are good. The satay dip that comes with the crushed peanut covered Balinese sate is incredible too.
The bao buns are the best I’ve had in the UK, outside of London (if you’re a London local, you need to check out Yuu Kitchen ASAP). Unbelievably pillowy soft buns filled to bursting point with your choice of mushrooms, chicken or pork. The new menu has some fab stand alone veggie options where the ingredients really speak for themselves.
For me, the Crispy Shanghai Pork stole the show. Despite how delicious everything was, I just wasn’t prepared for it and it actually left me speechless (which, as a woman of many words, I can honestly say does not happen on the reg). Sweet and sticky, the flavours were perfectly balanced to create a dish that I could just keep going back to.  In another east meets west style fusion, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Katsu Curry was an unexpected but very well received twist on the usual panko coated dish.

For me, Bar Soba have absolutely nailed the new menu and I can’t wait to pay them another visit!

Love Lucinda xx

Bar Soba, Merrion Street, LS1 6PQ. I was invited to taste and review the menu. All opinions are my own.


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