The super simple way to make perfect pancakes

It’s unbelievably easy to make perfect pancakes. The ingredients in pancakes are pretty straight forward after all; just eggs, flour, milk and a pint of salt. I’ve been working on this method for so long now that I’m genuinely so proud the answer has finally dawned on me. And it couldn’t be easier. Want delicious tasting, evenly cooked, perfectly rounded pancakes every time? Here’s the secret…
Step one – go to your nearest Marks and Spencer
Step two – grab all the pancakes in sight (go for the choc chip ones, you won’t regret it)
Step three – grab all the delicious toppings you fancy
Step four – go home and bob ’em in the microwave
Step five – top with previously mentioned delicious toppings and embrace the domestic goddess that you clearly are.

I mean, did you really think I was about to don an apron and make pancakes from scratch? I’ve burned soup before. I’m possibly the least adulty adult to somehow have made it this far in life. But I have accepted my fate (and the fact I’m essentially an oversized toddler) and I have delish pancakes that didn’t take 14 attempts, with two in the bin, three on the floor, six burnt and one on the ceiling.

So embrace the busy and fabulous AF life that you lead, buy ready made pancakes and drizzle some agave nectar on their if you must. I’ll be topping mine with bacon, pecans and maple syrup, because I’m a galboss and hello, it will be delish. Here’s to a stress free pancake day and eating pancakes for every meal for the foreseeable future…

Love Lucinda xx


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