My Biggest Style Influences, 2016

Everyday, at least 1,000,000 gals* must say they have nothing to wear, despite having a wardrobe full of clothes and more shoes than you can shake an on-trend, Vogue endorsed stick at. So since 2016 is almost up, I figured I would share where I’ve looked for my style inspiration over the past year, whenever my wardrobe has felt a bit flat…

Felicity Hayward
Felicity is the queen of curve in my books. She’s a strong voice online for gals that don’t fit ‘the mould’ and genuinely makes me proud to be plus size. I’m convinced she could wear pretty much anything and still look fierce and fabulous.

Lizzy Hadfield
I’ve never seen anyone nail casual wear quite like Lizzy. Her collection of denim and loafers are totally envy inducing and she pulls of over-sized anything. You should go check out her testing basics series too – if I ever need a classic piece, this is where I head to for advice.

Charlotte Hole
This gal ain’t afraid to wear whatever she wants to (not everyone would be confident enough to rock OTK blue velvet boots) and she’s got a killer swimwear collection for all her travel adventures too.

Megan Ellaby
megan-ellaby-style-inspomegan-ellaby-style-inspo1Megan has been on my radar since her ASOS days. I adored the subtly 70’s inspired collection she launched and her Instagram is ‘on point’ (something I’m really not cool enough to say). From snazzy daytime looks to seriously glam party wear, I’m head over heels for her style.

Stephi LaRaine

The ever-changing rainbow of her hair is totally reflected in Stephi’s bold colour palette when it comes to clothing. She doesn’t play by ‘the rules’ and effortlessly pulls off clashing prints and shades. If you need a little inspo to be brave in the wardrobe department, she’s your gal.

Go check out those gorgeous gals and don’t forget to let me know who’s inspired your wardrobe recently!

Love Lucinda xx


4 Comments on “My Biggest Style Influences, 2016

  1. Luc, you’re the curvy girl that I think can pull off anything, so you’re my style inspo. I also love Lizzy’s style, she always looks awesome and such a lovely girl too!

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