BLOGMAS// December Style Day 11

If you’ve ever been told you shouldn’t wear something because of the way you look, then this ones for you. There is obviously a problem, but believe me when I say this: IT AIN’T WITH YOU! If someone has an issue with the way your dress, then it’s their problem. You do you, that’s my mantra. So if my wobbly tummy offends you or the cellulite on my thighs or any other part of my body, I’m not going to tell you to look away. I’ll tell you to take a long hard look, because I’m not going anywhere and I don’t intend to change…

Not entirely sure when I would wear a bodysuit from Ann Summers, that barely covered my nips, I was in two minds about purchasing it. Then I just thought what the heck and ordered it. And I’m glad I did.

Back when I was younger, much less wise and a blooming lot thinner, I was always made to feel uncomfortable in anything clingy because of my boobs (or lack, there of). As I put on weight and filled out, comments about how big girls shouldn’t wear tight clothing put me off fitted items. Since then, I’ve grown up a lot in terms of what I wear and also my attitude to my body. So I’m wearing a fitted, sheer, chest exposing piece of clothing and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

For the rest of the look, I’ve gone pretty casual. It’s been a fabulous year for denim (this frill hem pair is still my go-to) and these sparklers are a subtle nod to the festive season. My jacket is a current fave from La Redoute and the slip-ons add a little more texture to the look.

So what do you think? Don’t forget to check out Blogmas day 10 too.
Love Lucinda xx


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