BLOGMAS// December Style Day 6

I’m keeping things pretty casj for day 6 of blogmas. There are just some days where you wanna throw your hair in a messy bun and throw on something comfy, but that doesn’t have to mean compromising on sass or style. Simple things like stripes will always be chic, and thanks to anyone and everyone sporting trainers, you can get that model off-duty style vibe in whatevs you wear…blogmas_curvy_baggy_jumpsuit_style

I constantly live my life switching between a. buying every piece of clothing in sight and b. mourning my bank balance (RIP), but if there’s one thing you’re gonna buy today, make it an oversized jumpsuit. I have never felt more like I’m wearing pajamas, which can only ever be a good thing. Go for a block colour like the one above or this gorgeous grey jumpsuit from Pull & BearΒ and you will forever have something in your wardrobe to throw on. Dress it up with a shirt, wear it out with a bandeau, go casual with a tshirt – it’s so versatile which is perfect if you’re forever trying to condense your wardrobes like me (though only so I can buy more new stuff).

Since I was feeling the laid back vibe, I style my with a long sleeve tshirt. I’ve been in love with my CDG Play stripe shirt since it arrived. The quality is on point and I just love the quirky style of the brand. My Stan Smith’s are my go-to lazy day shoes so they were an obvious choice for this look. Hair pulled back a little and messy braid going on and that’s casual street style ticked off.

Caught up with the rest of my Blogmas series? Go check out Blogmas day 5 here.

Love Lucinda xx


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