Feeling lucky at Man’s Market, Leeds

After five years in Leeds, I still haven’t eaten everywhere. The other half and I could happily eat out every night of the week, and with new eateries popping up all the time, there’s always somewhere new to try. The latest on the hit list? A concept Chinese restaurant that has got me genuinely excited. There are soooo many places to get great Thai and pan-Asian food in Leeds, but Chinese food has been left to all-you-can-eat buffets and greasy take-aways with glow in the dark sweet and sour. Thankfully, Man’s Market is here with a rather delicious fix…
You need to pay this place a visit, even if it’s just to marvel over the Lady’s Market style entrance. The black doorway is lit up by a neon sign, making it feel like the toned-down, Leeds version of London’s La Bodega Negra (a Mexican restaurant where the entrance is masked by a cheeky li’l sex shop). Lucky cats wave at you from every direction as you head down the dark stairway into the hipster bar area – after work drinks anyone?
The quirks make this place stand out from the rest – cocktails served in mini food cartons, neon signs that read potato and a unique way to get the wait staffs attention (peg up the ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I’m thirsty’ cards to lead the pace of your meal). Paired with the totally cool bathrooms with instagrammable sinks (who would have thought it?) and you can see why this place holds a certain attraction. But when dinner is on the cards, it’s the food that matters most.
Luckily, Man’s Market managed to tick that box too. From perfectly steamed dumplings to simple but truly special fried rice dishes, each plate was packed with flavour. The real appeal is the healthier take on indulgent classics. Okay, with dishes like deep fried ice cream, I can hardly call it clean eating but the effort to offer wholegrain sides and fill their dishes with fresh, natural ingredients doesn’t go unnoticed. Finally, Leeds has a good Chinese restaurant to get your teeth stuck into.

Love Lucinda xx

Find Man’s Market at West Point on Wellington Street. I was invited to taste and review the menu. All opinions are my own.


6 Comments on “Feeling lucky at Man’s Market, Leeds

  1. Looks amazing, there seems to be a lack of good Chinese restaurants near me as well. I love the look of the place and the take out carton cocktail made me smile. I think I need to book in a Leeds trip soon

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