The Porto Photo Diary*

When it comes to city breaks, I’m often a meticulous planner. Before we go, I know exactly where we’re going to visit, have reservations at the restaurants I want to try and I am completely clued up on how to get around. With a long weekend in Porto coming up, I ditched the stress of planning and just made the most of the Visit Porto Tourism office. After picking up our Porto & travel cards, we spent the weekend exploring the city and finding spots loved by the locals…
porto-portugal-weekend-photo-diary-017Porto is so blooming photogenic! Every other building is painted or covered in beautiful tiles and there’s street art on every corner. The blue and white tiles that Porto is known for are everywhere; from churches to train stations.

Cafes and listed buildings line the main streets, while downtown Porto is a mix of colourful rustic apartments and washing strung from every window. The locals are friendly, familiar and only too happy to give you dinner recommendations.

Across the river, there are endless wine cellars with barrels of Port, harvested from the Douro wine region and aged in the city.  The bridges each offer their own unique view of the river. There is a sense of grandeur about the place; the bridges, churches, even the city itself. Yet there’s something quite intimate about it all, that makes it impossible not to fall in love with Porto.

Love Lucinda xx

*This post was sponsored by the Visit Porto tourism office.


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