A taste of the Cocktail Experience

Got plans this weekend? Cancel them, like immediately. I’m being serious… you don’t want to miss this. The Cocktail Experience is launching in Leeds and it’s gonna be a bloomin’ good two nights. With all your fave bars and restaurants in Leeds creating signature cocktails for you to fall in love with and get a li’l (read: a lot) drunk on, it’s basically the perfect way to spend the evening…
Being the kind soul and all round good egg that I am, I’ve taken them all for a spin. And then they all took me for a spin ’cause like 10+ cocktails made from all different spirits is a recipe for quite the hangover (totally worth it though). From the totally instagramable offerings  adorned with flowers courtesy of Sandinista, or cute quotes a la Rev de Cuba, to sweet treats like Oracle’s Calipo cocktail, there’s gonna be at least one (or maybe 10) that you’ll fall in love with.
It’s the best of the best responsible for whipping up these deliciously boozy creations – Pintura sure know what to do with their gin and Manahatta have created an after 8 style Espresso Martini (the best I’ve had). Of course, Alchemist are there to pull out all the stops with their flowering White Cosmo… which was incidentally my fave drink of the evening, and looked incredible too.
If you fancy heading along, grab a ticket to the Cocktail Experience here. It’s run by the guys at Pink Gorilla & Hairy Lemon so I can promise you’ll have the best time. Shake your way over on Friday or Saturday and don’t forget to snap your fave cocktail.

Love Lucinda xx


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