Brunch dates at Love Rouge

I’m forever on the hunt for cute spots to while away the weekday mornings with my macbook and an iced latte or spend lazy sundays with my other half or catching up with my gal squad. If you ever need to find me, just look for good wifi and great Eggs Benedict. As it turns out, Love Rouge in Headingley has both of those things…
Pretty much everything about the place is kitsch, quirky and cool; from the flamingos in the window to the corking collection of board games. Try not to get distracted by all the cupcakes and sweet treats when you walk in, we’re here for brunch first! Grab a table and a Chai Latte and you’re ready to peruse the
The menu has enough sweet and savoury options to satisfy whatever mood you’re in. Everything arrives on pretty plates and looks bloomin’ delicious. Obviously, I have to have Eggs Benedict wherever I go and couldn’t snap photos fast enough after dipping into that yolk. As a self-confessed queen of everything that isn’t salad, there was a LOT of unnecessary leaves on the plate but otherwise it was pretty perfect.
The breakfast burrito, aka the combination of two wonderful things, comes with both a meat and veggie option. these guys are great with Gluten Free too so if you’re Coeliac, you need to swing by. The burrito is huge, filled to bursting in fact. Throw in some guac and things are looking good.
The avo toast is no ordinary dish. There are extra veggies, superfood seeds and more all getting involved. Adding poached eggs is definitely a good shout. I feel healthy just looking at this…
And since we’ve been so *cough* healthy, there’s definitely room for cake!

Have you visited Love Rouge? What’s you’re favourite brunch dish?

Love Lucinda xx


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