A Weekend in Cologne; Dinner at Lore & Fitch

On the final evening of our Cologne trip, Lucy & I toasted to a fabulous trip with a cocktail or two. After a busy day exploring the city, we decided to head to the gorgeous looking restaurant right by our hotel with a few other blogger babes, Kariss and Lissa. Get ready to say cheers to a fabulous evening…
Lucy and I ‘adopted’ a couple of mini pink pineapple from the Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets event because, well they’re mini pink pineapples! Running a little late (obviously) to dinner, we still had to stop and get snaps of that beautiful terrace and our spot for the evening.
We were seated at our table with a bottle of vino and presented with fresh bread, baked garlic cloves, homemade pesto and rock salt a.k.a a blooming lovely combo and one i keep recreating at home. I plumped for Caprese Salad for my starter and it was abso delish… though the prawns looked incredible too.
The sun started setting on the city as we giggled over more than a couple of glasses of vino. The restaurant was gorgeous but unfortunately the steaks turned up rather over-done, which is a killer for gals who like it rare. We asked for them to be swapped but the replacements were still over. There were a few communication struggles – none of us spoke brilliant German – but we got there in the end. The sides were seriously scrummy too and we were treated to an after dinner limoncello.
We pottered back to the hotel bar for a few cocktails and said goodnight. Have you visited Cologne before?

Love Lucinda xx

P.S I’ve been shortlisted for Best Fashion Blog in the Bloggers Blog Awards and would absolutely love your vote!


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