Dining at Chez Mal with Restaurants of Leeds*

If you’re a bit of a foodie (aka you love eating out anywhere near as much as I do), you need to have Restaurants of Leeds on your radar! They’re all about finding the top spots to eat and love all things local. They invited myself and Jamie down to Malmaison in Leeds to take Chez Mal’s summer cocktail for a spin before sampling pretty much the entire menu…
I often find the best restaurants are ones with the simplest menus, the kind of place that blows your socks off with a small range of dishes. Well, Chez Mal turned that attitude on its head. With what seemed like a million and one delicious dishes, I was more than a little excited to get started.
We helped our selves to some seriously decadent dishes (Steak Tartare, I’m looking at you) and I found every offering pretty much perfect. From Pea and Pancetta Croquettes with truffle mayo (whoever invented truffle mayo deserves a whole lotta love) to Corn Fed Chicken Terrine, none of us could resist going back for ‘just one more’ of this and that.chez-mal-with-restaurants-of-leeds-review-009
We moved onto desserts and the presentation was just errr’thang! Think berry smoothies in mini milk jars – adorable! The meringue with whipped cream and sliced strawberries was a simple, summery slice of deliciousness. Alongside dessert, we spotted the custom Havana Club cans with a ‘take me to the bar label’. The lovely bar guys and gals filled ‘em up with their Mai Thai cocktail and we toasted to a truly fab evening.
chez-mal-with-restaurants-of-leeds-review-010Thanks to Restaurants of Leeds (check them out here) and Malmaison for inviting us down. I’ll be back for a sit-down dinner at Mal in a few weeks so look out for that!

Love Lucinda xx


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