Flower power & glitter roots

So I’m still finding glitter just about everywhere… but the glitter roots were so worth it. If your vibe is sparkly unicorn this look is definitely for you (keep an eye out for the accident placement of church spires that make you into an actual unicorn – you’ll see what I mean in a sec). This look is somewhere between 70s flower power and a jumble sale from the 90s. And in the infamous (albeit slightly paraphrased) words of the spice girls, I really really really like my top that zigazigaaahhhs…


Let’s start with the real reason you’re all here: those jeans. A total dream, I fell instantly in love and never looked back. They’re were in my ASOS cart and on their way before you can say ‘vibes’, ‘no chill’ or any other set of words I’m not cool enough to say. They’ve been selling out rather speedily and I can’t see them on the website so I’ve picked some alternatives for you but grab them before they go (skinny version linked above or click here for the flared version). As with myself, no doubt you cannot possibly live without these lil huns.

The crop top was me being a bit adventurous. I blooming love a bell sleeve (as you all probably know) so I just couldn’t resist choosing it to join my beaut mosaic print cape dress*. It wears perfectly with high waisted anything and has more room than expected round the front for curvy gals like me.

Delivery issues with Pretty Little Things has put me off ordering more stuff but I absolutely love my leopard print boots. I’ve been styling them with just about errrrrr’thang and they are starting to show a little wear but I kinda like it. The necklace came from an imperial candle (super cute concept – brownie points for the other half) but I’ve spotted a similar style here.

So what do you think of the look? Love or hate the jeans? Would you give glitter roots a go? Let me know in the comments.

Love Lucinda xx


3 Comments on “Flower power & glitter roots

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