Eat, Drink, Disco at Archie’s for Brunch

Eat, Drink, Disco seems to be the mantra at Archie’s, seen as though they have the words lit up as giant marquee letters in the window (not to mention the giant glitter ball inside). It’s located in Granary Wharf (next door to my favourite tapas restaurant which you can check out here). For some reason, the whole area is normally pretty quiet despite some fab cocktail bars and restaurants. so we decided to take the brunch menu at Archie’s out for a spin…
The place is split into a few different sections. Walking through the entrance, the seating is cafe/bar style leading onto a dance floor and a restaurant when you turn the corner. Somehow these work seamlessly together, with the industrial decor we’ve all come to expect.
The cocktail list is made up of classics and I happily went for a Mojito. Perusing the brunch menu, there were a few dishes that stood out. Naturally it near enough became a try the whole menu job. Service was good, if a little slow at points, but it wasn’t a problem as we leisurely enjoyed out brunch. The perfectly smoked salmon with fried potatoes and avocado came out first, closely followed by the meatball bruschetta and finally the prawn and chorizo omelette.
The omelette was packed with plump prawns and came with a subtly warming sauce for dipping. The meatballs were served in a tomato rage style sauce and came with delightfully dippy eggs. A brunch table is never quite complete without avocado getting involved. The fried potatoes were crisp and the creamy avocado made up for the lack of cream cheese and bagel (how all smoked salmon should be served).
All in all, the food was good, the atmosphere was relaxed and there’s a converted VW camper van with beer on tap inside… Need I say any more? I finished off with a long island (obviously) which was pretty delish, even compared with some tough competition since it’s my go-to drink. I can imagine another weekend will be filled with lazy brunch at Archie’s sooner, rather than later.

Have you tried Archie’s? Are you a Granary Wharf regular? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Love Lucinda xx


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