OOTD: Simple Grey Stylin’

When it comes to creating a sophisticated look, the answer is simple (literally). I’m not afraid to admit my love for glitter and the fact that my dream job is basically mermaid, but something has to be said for minimalist colour palettes and clean lines. So if you fancy feeling like a grown-up gal, read on…

For a no frills dress – neutral colour, no embellishments – there’s still a lot going on. The cape, tie waist and the fact that it’s backless all work perfectly together to create a piece that’s oh so statement yet understated. It grabs your attention without showing off making it blooming wonderful in my books.

And if you need to seriously amp up the sassy and sophisticated? There’s a floor length version here that I ABSO need… mostly for swishing around my apartment whilst the other half isn’t home. Plus the tie front is a post-festive season saviour! No one will know how many mince pies you (but mostly I) have consumed…

Bag of dreams + fraction of the price tag = onto a winner. Unless someones feeling generous, it’s unlikely a Chloe Faye will be mine any time soon so I shall continue to lust over them whilst clutching my gorgeous little dupe. Oh, and it comes in two colours so, you know… buy both!

What do you think of the look?

Love Lucinda xx


10 Comments on “OOTD: Simple Grey Stylin’

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  2. I absolutely need this in my life! Have you worn it much? I feel like I’d be too scared to wear it on actual nights out. But I want it! Tina x

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