What I got for Christmas

Ahhh, the controversial gifts post. I’ve read hundreds of them, especially during the weird bit between Christmas and New Year where all the days merge into one. They all start with the same “This isn’t bragging…” protest, but you know what? You read the title of this post & you knew what you were getting when you clicked on it (you lil nosey parker) so like it or lump it *all of the sassy emojis*

On another note, yes, I know Christmas was yonks ago and I’m late to the party (as usual) with my What I got for Christmas post. But for arguments sake lets call it fashionably late and have a good nosey…
I was well and truly spoiled by my own family and the other half’s, so thanks for all my lovely gifts guys (if you’re reading this, which you obviously are and follow my blog religiously *cough*).

Can you actually beat winter woolies? There’s nothing quite like being snug and wrapped up when it’s frosty out. PJs are a tradition and I love a good Christmas jumper – the lil cutie up was from my blogger secret santa! My definitely eating healthy and not even having a curry, honest month is off to a great start, with chocolates, champagne and more basically super healthy treats (Christmas gifts contain 0 calories… it’s a fact).

I got so much fab beauty stuff, including a giant Soap and Glory box and a gorge Jack Wills gift set. Daisy Dream has quickly become my go-to scent. I love floral and fruity perfumes and considering this isn’t my first Marc Jacob’s Daisy, I had a feeling it would become a permanent handbag resident. I also got some Benefit bits and pieces, included the best of Benefit set.

When my momma asked what I wanted from Charlotte Tilbury (uhhh, like everything?!) she not only picked up the items I asked for but the full Dolce Vita set and let me tell you, I am in lurveee! I can’t wait to share a full review with you guys but for now, let’s just appreciate.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has started 2016 off in style!

Love Lucinda xx


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