Winter in Paris, part 2

With the Winter sun streaming through our balcony window, Jamie and I made our way to the closest patisserie for breakfast, filled up on layers and layers of buttery pastry and headed for the metro. Since the other half and I were playing tourists, I made a reservation at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, level one of the Eiffel Tower. At lunch time they serve a ‘chic picnic’ which is more of a three course dinner, served in a metal basket, but close enough. The ticket for the Tower is included in the price, plus it’s perfect for peak times as you get to skip the queue. Ready to grab some lunch?
to-do-in-paris-eiffel-tower-lunch-012 cover
We started out with pumpkin soup and pesto croutons which didn’t last long. I went for a braised beef that was so absolutely swimming in red wine that I’m surprised a hangover didn’t follow. Jamie opted for truffle mac and cheese, quel suprise. The serving dishes and presentation did give it a kinda airplane food vibe and it was hardly michelin standard but it was comforting and most certainly filling. We finished with praline mousse and tiramisu (surely there should have been something a little more French?) and headed out to enjoy the

Now I may or may not be absolutely terrified of heights so I handed Jamie the camera to capture some snaps as I did my best to look sophisticated whilst clutching onto a wall. We headed down to join the rest of the crowds and I took my bardot dress for a spin! Some dresses are just made for twirling…

To book the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, head this way. It’s definitely worth the price if you’re heading out during peak seasons!

The next post includes a visit to Ladurée… You can check out my Instagram for a sneak peek!

Love Lucinda xx


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