Summer Festival Hair Style Guide with House of Fraser + Competition!

House of Fraser got in touch recently and challenged me to share my best festival hair styles with you guys and tell you about something exciting. Here’s three days of super easy festival styles.
Day 1
Festivals mean no access to straighteners or curlers or hair dryers so prepping your hair before you go is really important. Applying a straightening product like Aveda smooth infusion to your hair before you will help fend of the frizz!
Aveda smooth infusion glossing straightener, £20
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-003
Festivals are the perfect excuse to let your hair down and try some fun looks. Feathers and braids are always popular and a brightly coloured dip dye certainly doesn’t go amiss. If you don’t fancy still having partially pink hair come monday morning, try hair chalk like the Body Shop’s!
I’m wearing Shade 02 – Tickle Me Pink, Body Shop Hair Chalk, £5 
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-001

I always keep it simple and low maintenance for day one. Holding off the grease is important so minimal contact is a must for me. Popping in a pretty flower crown like this one from Emily Elizabeths adds another dimension to your simple style.
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-002
My dress is from Motel, £35.
Day 2
Not having access to a bathroom or big mirror makes styling a little more tricky. A simple side plait is the easy way to effortless plus any sort of messy up do is forgiving when it comes to precision. Move your parting further to the side with your fingers and flip hair to one side for an instant root boost. Plait and fasten your hair to one side and gently pull at different sections of the plait to create a messy style. 
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-005

This look takes minutes to do, exactly what you need to beat the morning port-a-loo queues!
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-007
Secure with a flexible hair spray like Aveda Air Control Spray, £19 for non-sticky style.
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-006

Keeping a few spare hair pins on you will help tame any flyaways and create more flattering photos!
Day 3
By this point, your hair might be looking a little less than fresh. Welcome to the stage dry shampoo! After using Batiste as a teenager I’m no longer a fan. I hate the powdery residue and the VERY identifiable scent. You might as well be holding a sign saying I haven’t washed my hair today! Instead I love Paul Mitchells Dry Wash from the Express Dry range. You can pick it up from lots of salons, just pop your location into the finder for your closest one.
paul mitchell express dry wash shampoo festival essential
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-008

By Day 3 an updo is always a must. I created this look by splitting my hair down the middle, plaiting each side, crossing over my head and pinning. I picked the flower and butterfly headband up from Primark last year for just £2.50. If you fancy trying out the flower crown look but don’t want to splash out, Primark is your friend.
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-009
My pink tips give the braid an ombre effect, mermaid style! I always let a few pieces of hair fall down to frame my face. 
Festival Hair Inspo with House of Fraser-011
If you’re still a bit conscious about three day old hair, add a spritz of Thierry Mugler Angel hair mist, £21 for some added freshness or if you’re a little strapped for cash (festivals are pretty pricey!) you can spray your hair brush lightly with your signature scent and brush it through your hair. Apparently your hair holds onto scents stronger than your skin!
thierry mugler angel hair mist review festival hair

So there you have three easy peasy festival styles to see you through the weekend. And now for the exciting bit! House of Fraser are giving away £100 to their fave festival hair style. All you have to do is:
– style your festival hair look,
– post about the look and pick a House of Fraser hair product you would take to a festival
– Share your link HERE with House of Fraser

The competition closes July 30th so get snapping and good luck!
What do you think of my festival styles? Are you going to enter this contest? What is your festival hair saviour?

Love Lucinda x


10 Comments on “Summer Festival Hair Style Guide with House of Fraser + Competition!

  1. I have wanted to try those hair chalks for AGES! They look amazing 😀

    Great post – I haven’t been to a festival in years but I would definitely use your tips if I went now

    Louise x

    • They’re great! I couldn’t recommend them more. If you do go for them, just make sure to put an old towel around you. I didn’t realise at first but the coloured dust goes everywhere :’) xx

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