Chocolat Heaven.

Last night was date night. I’m snowed under with work right now so it was lovely to take a few hours off to spend with my lovely other half. So I got dolled up and we headed to Roast and Conch, the Hotel Chocolat restaurant. Here’s what I wore:

IMG_1159 IMG_1164 IMG_1162

Jacket: Topshop (past season)
Silk Slip: Nougat London (past season)
Midi Skirt: Missguided £10
Heels: Vivienne Westwood £180
Necklace: Topshop (past season)
Bag: Primark £10

ail Varnish: Topshop £5

We arrived at the restaurant and sat down for cocktails whilst we waited for a table. The bar area is gorgeous with some skilled cocktail makers!

Since I was at the Hotel Chocolat restaurant, I figured I’d better try a chocolate cocktail… or two!
The first is called Pretty Pink, made with crushed raspberries, cocoa gin, rose and topped off with prosecco and an adorable flower on top! Perfect for the ladies.
The second was a bit of an indulgence but I couldn’t resist. It’s called Chocolat Soother and is absolutely delicious but also rather sickly. I had to share it with my boyfriend but don’t let that put you off. I would definitely recommend it if you have a sweet tooth!
IMG_1197   IMG_1201
The low lighting makes for a lovely atmosphere, perfect for date night! The interior is fab, all low hanging lights and exposed ceilings.

We started off with a delicious complimentary soup, it tasted quite earthy and was topped with cocoa beans.

IMG_1212 IMG_1211
We both enjoyed sipping it from the tiny cup, a great way to start dinner and it was surprisingly filling.
IMG_1215 IMG_1214
The menu was filled with absolutely delicious options, from small taster plates and sides to mains.

There weren’t a million options but each one sounded delicious. 
or our taster plates I went with ‘Plantation Pork’ which was a pork terrine with a St Lucian rum chutney and walnut bread with shaved cornichon (to most people, that’s a gherkin). The flavours worked together amazingly!
Jamie had the ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ which was filled with slow-cooked pulled pork and garlic mash. Oh and it came with chocolate gravy for which I simply can’t put into words! It was more than sensational.


The mains arrived and we were blown away. I had the ‘Roast and Conch Burger’ with added chilli and a twist of cocoa. It wasn’t so spicy that it overpowered the taste, instead it was more of a kick of flavour. I asked for my burger medium-rare (slightly more towards rare is how I like it) and it was cooked to perfection. The burger was steak, confit of onion, aged cheddar and dry cured crispy bacon in a cocoa-pod bun. The attention to detail was insane and you really tasted each individual flavour, so wonderfully balanced! It was served with the best onion rings I have ever eaten and sweet potato ribbons.

Jamie had the Mac and Cheese Pie made from leeks, mushrooms, vintage cheddar and truffle-cocoa oil. The next chocolate twist comes in the pastry… A cocoa nib crust! The relish was to die for and even the salad was tasty!


Sides wise we went with white chocolate mash and more sweet potato ribbons. The ribbons were like crisps, cold and a little crunchy, but the mash stole the show. I’m not normally a huge fan of mashed potato as I find it too stodgy but this was beyond perfection. The white chocolate taste was subtle and the mash itself was so light and creamy; extraordinary stuff!


The evening was perfect. The waiting staff couldn’t do enough for you which I find just as important as the food! Jamie and I couldn’t resist showing off our choices and making each other taste every element, even when we were full to bursting point! Sadly no room for dessert but I made use of the Hotel Chocolat shop 20% voucher for their shop downstairs and picked up some treats for later!

I couldn’t praise this place any more. It really was a perfect date night.

Love Lucinda x


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