Let there be Meat! Red’s low and slow BBQ review.

I’ve been to Red’s twice in my life.
The first time I tried it, the place was packed and the food was sensational.
The second time I tried is, the place was busy and the food was sensational.
On a weekend the restaurant is packed to the rafters, waiting times for a table of two is generally around an hour and a half and you don’t get much elbow room.
A Tuesday evening is clearly a much better time to go.
We walked into to the low lit venue expected to be given a waiting time but were seated immediately by a lovely host. Service staff were straight over to take our drinks orders, really efficient and polite. Any one who knows me knows I hate rude serving staff (and am currently boycotting Giraffe), especially since I used to work in the food industry. Luckily the staff at Red’s are a delight. I would highly recommend the home made lemonade, super sweet and got me excited for summer.
reds (3)

Praise be to the God of Meat!
The menu includes every thing you could possibly want barbecued. The main features are the ribs and the burgers. And let’s not forget the insane range of condiments…
reds (2) reds (1)
If the sound of them isn’t enough to get your mouth watering, the smells coming from the open kitchen surely are. As advertised, smells are completely free.
I ordered a donut burger (I would diet except, you know, food is great) which came with skin on fries and two spicy hush puppies (what appear to be similar to deep fried pickles – but SPICY!).
The other half ordered Pork and Slaw which I had a cheeky nibble of (tasted fantastic!) and mac and cheese.
reds (4)

I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t finish it. I had to sacrifice most of my chips to get the most of that burger! I’m already a dedicated fan of sweet and savoury (yes I’m talking pancakes and bacon) so when I saw the menu, I was sold. Counter in the bacon, fried onions and layers of cheese, I was in obesity heaven!  I’d go back every day if it wouldn’t involve me having to be rolled home.
The food here is just ridiculously good. Reds… I salute you and your dedication to true barbeque.
I shall most definitely be back.
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