His and Hers Date Night Delight!

Pretty soon I’ll be leaving the comforts of home (no cooking or cleaning!) for my term time house in Leeds. The upside is I’ll be back with the other half. I love our date nights and can’t wait for the next. In the mean time…
Jones and Jones Poppy Dress £75
Louboutin Charleen Heels £440 (approx.)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch £188

Ted Baker Overcoat £191.09
Ted Baker Shoes £70.84
Daniel Wellington Watch £179

‘ve been in love with the Jones&Jones dress since it’s release and nothing can compare to the fabulous feeling of Louboutins.
Ted Baker is my go to menswear brand when choosing for the other half and I adore that overcoat! The shoes are classic.
When it comes to watches, I’m all about simple design. I don’t want a watch to tell me the day, the date or the position of the moon. I have no imminent plans to go scuba diving. I just want a watch to tell the time when my iPhone undoubtedly dies. Oh and it has to look good. The Baker model from the Marc by Marc Jacobs diffusion line is a sell out. With effortless style, the simple yet sophisticated timepiece caught my eye. When it comes to mens watches, I find links look too feminine. The ever popular Daniel Wellington piece in tan leather is a timeless piece (that pun WAS an accident, I swear!) that would look good on any wrist!
Of course no date night is complete without champagne and candlelight…
What’s your perfect date night outfit? Let me know in the comment box below.
Love Lucinda x
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