The good, the band and the well…

2014 has been ‘bangers’ in the words of Ms.Cyrus. With the first fashion week fast approaching, ad campaigns are being released left right and centre, and starring only the biggest and best *ahem*.
Here’s my highs and lows of the celeb-ified ad campaigns of 2014.
The Good:

alexlangchamp alexalongchamp

Alexa Chung for Longchamp.
It’s no surprise this little lady (emphasis on the little; she’s so tiny these days!) has scored yet another high profile ad campaign. Been whisked away to St Tropez to shoot the campaign, Chung looked fabulous as ever, whizzing round in that baby blue vintage fiat! After also completing her Eyekoko campaign, her next aim is to have her own fashion line. The problem is she “doesn’t have a fucking clue how”.

marcmiley2 marcmiley

Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs.
No she’s not in rehab yet. She is however in a stunning new campaign for the American wonderman Marc Jacobs in his SS2014 campaign. The striking, dark and broody images are a world away from her 2013 nude bikini and foam finger styling. There’ll be no cheeky pulling the tongue out in front of photographer David Simms,especially after Juergen Teller, Marc’s go to photographer, turned down the opportunity.
caramulberry2 caramulberry

Cara Delevigne for Mulberry
The ever stunning Ms Delevigne was bright eyed and bushy tailed for this naughty tea party set up by art director Cooke Newhouse. With a host of friends from a pony to a cockatoo and plenty in between, fresh faced Cara looked ever so lady like. It’s not her first campaign for the great British brand and since this it girl is going nowhere, I doubt it will be her last.

The Bad:
riribalmain2 riribalmain
Rihanna for Balmain
Okay I may be a little biased by the fact I dislike her. I mean, I just find her tacky, and some role model she’s supposed to be, blatantly smoking joints and getting back with Chris Brown? But I just find this campaign looks tacky. In this case, I would have much preferred an up and coming model, not yet blighted by her public appearances.
kimberlyvery2 kimberlyvery
Kimberly Walsh for Very
Oh Kimberly. This should have been left to the lovely ladies who kinda know what they’re doing (Fearne and Holly obviously). I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with that plastic looking pout and I don’t think I want to. There’s nothing about her that stands out. I find this campaign distinctly average, even without pitting it against the high end brands.

And the very unusual…
gagaversace gagaversache

Gaga for Versace
Now this is just plain weird. I know she likes to play BBFs with Donatella, but in this campaign she eerily looks like an exact copy. And whilst Donatella is vice president of the Versace group, you have to admit, she’s a little frightening in the looks department. At 31 one years junior to her, the resemblance must enough to make Gaga go gaga!

Which campaigns do you prefer? Am I wrong about any of them? Let me know in the comments below!
Love Lucinda x
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