I discovered Feathers by Minnie when I met the creator Minnie Bunker on the committee for the LRFS (the Leeds RAG Fashion Show). Minnie is a 21 year old student at University of Leeds and is studying History of Art.
Minnie Bunker, right, creator of Feathers by Minnie.
The concept for Feathers by Minnie came about four years ago when she spotted feather hair extensions in a hippy market in Ibiza. After falling in love with them, she bought a small stock pile for herself at a very high price. When she began to receive plenty compliments on them during her first two years at Leeds University, she decided to take the plunge and invest in bringing feathers to Leeds.
minnielogominniefeathThe feathers are sourced from a wholesale supplier based here in the UK who hand-dyes and treats the real rooster feathers to ensure top quality colour. Aside from the feathers she also stocks fashion bindis and larger pieces of glittery body art which are sourced from India by Minnie herself. She travels there to see family or has then sent over by her her aunt. While bindis are beyond popular, it hasn’t always been the case…
“I am personally obsessed with bindis, and have been since before I came to uni.” says Minnie. “Although, pre-uni my friends always used to think I was a bit mad sticking a jewel on my forehead…. how times have changed.”


These sahi bindis are my absolute favourites! They’re currently on sale for just £2.50 online so get them before they’re gone! I’ve worn mine plenty times and they are reusable when cared for.

I had my feathers put in over two months ago and they still look great; unlike the ones I had put in at Leeds festival which lasted all of two weeks!
They also look great with your hair tied up!
The feathers are really easy to care for and you can do pretty much what you want with them. They can be washed, blow-dried, curled, straightened; you name it! The colour remains strong and the feathers naturally grow out with your hair.
Minnie also offers a free service to move them back up when necessary, which just adds to the appeal!
Minnie is based in Leeds during term time but has been in London over Christmas so look out for her if she’s on the move! She’s been at all the big LUU events and also does home visits to fit the feathers. I can’t wait to be back in Leeds and have another set fitted, they’re so addictive!
Store: Feathers by Minnie

Facebook page: Feathers by Minnie


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