What are you wearing? OOTD

ootd ootd1

Today I did one of my favourite things: wearing new clothes whilst shopping for new clothes! Anyone who saw my last post of my Trafford Centre haul will know pretty much everything about this outfit already but for those of you who haven’t, here’s the info:
1. Kimono, Forever 21 £20
2. Cats and Dogs Tshirt, H&M £8
3. Tartan Skirt, Zara £10
4. Clutch, Bank £15
I picked up the embellished clutch bag today on my second trip to TC but more about that later!
ootd3 ootd4 ootd6

I’ve seen some fab kimonos recently in Bank and Topshop etc but this Forever 21 take was the perfect length and well within my budget.

I’ve hardly had these boots of my feet all winter. They’re £18 from Primark and I actually prefer them to the £42 Topshop version:


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