Turn for the worst?

Over the last few years Primark have really upped their game. From tacky neons to a tartan takeover, the progression has continued to grow. And while the price has grown with it, the cost of pieces from Primark is still a fragment of other high street stores. I was slightly disappointed to see the regression back to the ‘Look at me’ outrageous outfits for the coming season.

Cheap looking sportswear? Haven’t we seen enough of it already? The print is tacky, it looks cheap and I can guarantee it feels worse than it looks!
They’re a little late to the game with this asymmetric skort, Zara’s sell out version was SS13.


I actually quite like this dress but it hardly screams summer sunshine.

Ok I take it back… give the black back PLEASE! Why on earth would anyone think a pink biker jacket is acceptable to pretty much anyone other than pink ranger? The fact that it’s made from PU just adds insult to injury. Eurgh.
Oh and it’s also available in ‘ivory’…

Cheap and tacky. That is all.

Palm trees in summer? How original!
There are still pieces to look forward too, like the baroque jacket and pants/skirt set available to mix and match.
Fingers crossed this is just an off season and Primark will go back to it’s disposable goodness!



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