The Curvy Smart Casual

Smart-Casual is the enigma of dress codes. Sure, guys can throw on a pair of good jeans with a shirt and they’re good to go. But when it comes to gals, things get a little more complex. Are heels and a dress too much? Will I be under-dressed in jeans? *calls all friends to see what they’re wearing and turns entire wardrobe into a floordrobe*. The ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma seems to creep up all too often when smart-cas is involved…
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Why I Blog & The Bloggers Blog Awards

I’m super excited to announce I’ve been shortlisted for Best Fashion Blog in the Bloggers Blog Awards again, thanks to you lovely lot. I’ve been blogging properly on The Fashion Fictionary since January 2014 (where have 2 & 1/2 years gone??) and, despite all the hard work it takes, I still blooming love it. With my fab news in mind, I figured it was about time to go back to the start and tell you why I started fashion blogging in the first place…
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A Weekend in Cologne; Dinner at Lore & Fitch

On the final evening of our Cologne trip, Lucy & I toasted to a fabulous trip with a cocktail or two. After a busy day exploring the city, we decided to head to the gorgeous looking restaurant right by our hotel with a few other blogger babes, Kariss and Lissa. Get ready to say cheers to a fabulous evening…
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Bardot Style Stripes

I’ve got a confession to make… pretty much this whole outfit is from Primark! Shocker I know (lol jk Primark Queen right here). I had one of those ‘everything is going wrong days’ to which, as we all know, shopping is the only cure. And since I’m on a spending ban right now (that’s going super well, honest, I promise) Primark was obviously the place to go…
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A weekend in Cologne; strolling through the city

We spent our second day in Cologne playing total tourists. After moving to Motel One and admiring the view, we headed out in search of something to eat and to do a li’l exploring. Since I was with a group of blogger gals, I wasn’t prepared with the usual 48-page, impossible to complete or enjoy itinerary that I usually have when visiting somewhere new, but it was lovely to wander the streets of the city, soaking up the sunshine…
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Dining at Chez Mal with Restaurants of Leeds*

If you’re a bit of a foodie (aka you love eating out anywhere near as much as I do), you need to have Restaurants of Leeds on your radar! They’re all about finding the top spots to eat and love all things local. They invited myself and Jamie down to Malmaison in Leeds to take Chez Mal’s summer cocktail for a spin before sampling pretty much the entire menu…
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Summer Stripes and Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are abso everywhere at the min, from dusky pink numbers to classy khaki. So I decided to get my hands on one and take it for a spin. I wanted something a little different, so when I spotted one with contrast cuffs and some cute looking applique, it was straight in my basket. Cue the need for a new summer dress to go with it (’cause Treat Yo Self, that’s why)…
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Pintura Basque Kitchen Summer Menu Launch*

Pintura is one of those restaurants that has always been on my ‘to visit’ list yet I’ve just never got round to it. I’m a huge fan of Cielo Blanco (read my review here), one of six other restaurants owned by the same company. So when I was invited to take Pintura’s  Summer Menu for a spin, I went in with high expectations…
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Casual Curvy Style for Summer

There’s something about millennial style that screams dodgy tan-lines. From cage bikinis to mesh panels and lately, the cold shoulder style tops and dresses. But hey, they’re cute and I’m ginger so it’s not like a day in the sun will turn me into a not-quite-all-over bronzed goddess (think patchy lobster instead). Here’s how I’m styling the trend…casual-curvy-summer-style-cold-shoulder
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Kylie Cosmetics launches Kyshadow

When it comes to Kylie Cosmetics, there has been a definite love/hate relationship. I’ve been excited to see what was coming since it was announced the Kylie had trademarked Kyshadow, Kybrow and Kyliner and she’s finally revealed the newest addition to her cosmetics line. Announcing the new product on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, Kylie showcased the 9 shade ‘Bronze Kyshadow’ palette which launches tomorrow. Cue crashing websites and overly excited Kardashi-fans…
Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 20.30.00.png
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