Thoughts on the fashion, food and wellness industry; the antidote to a toxic message?

Back before I wrote words for other people to read, I wrote them for myself, mostly in my head. I styled outfits, thought about the way pieces worked together, curated my wardrobe and shopped (admittedly a bit too much). I did it for myself and thought about it by myself. I quietly dreamt of working in the fashion industry, but would never feel comfortable with the reality. With my past relationship with food in mind, I couldn’t put myself in what would be a dangerous position, likely to relapse. So I excluded myself from the fashion industry to protect myself.

But then blogging became a part of my life and I felt comfortable and confident in sharing my style with my ‘safe’ audience. Yes, I get hate occasionally (doesn’t every person on the internet) but that doesn’t bother me. I get to create and talk about the things I love to people interested in what I have to say (thanks huns). But I don’t feel the pressure to fit in with typical style bloggers, to wear certain things or to look a certain way. The fashion blogging industry is diversifying more and more (though there is still definite room to grow), and I’m glad to be part of that. But one area that continues to be much more narrow and single minded is the food and wellness side of not only blogging, but the industry as a whole…
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5 reasons I ditched daily make-up

Make-up and I have had a bit of a love hate relationship. In high school, all I wanted was to wear three shades too dark foundation and enough eyeliner to give the whole of Green Day a run for their money, but uniform was strict and I got attacked with a face wipe whenever I tried my luck. College was the first time I was able to freely wear make-up everyday. That also co-insides with the time I got a bit too into bronzer (not a winning look). Two years later, I was already bored of having to wake up early or trying to apply eyeliner in the car, so I started wearing less. The CC cream went first (I’ve never been a heavy coverage kinda gal), swapped for a touch of concealer where required, then the eyeshadow, then bronzer. I still wore mascara for a while after that, but even so, I really couldn’t be bothered. So I didn’t…
Why did I stop?

1. To give my face a break
I’ve been pretty lucky with my skin, in that I’ve never had any particularly bad skin conditions, other than the odd bit of eczema. I do get dry skin because I’m the worst when it comes to having a skin routine (as my girls frequently remind me) so I’m trying to moisturise more, but I feel like not wearing makeup often means my skin doesn’t get too clogged up. I also don’t have particularly long eyelashes, so when I do wear make-up, I use lash curlers and a considerable amount of mascara, and I can’t imagine doing that everyday would do them much good.

2. To sleep more. Hello lie-in. I blooming love sleep and anything that means I can spend an extra twenty minutes in bed, I will take. My uber account, habit of eating breakfast at work and occasionally forgetting to brush my hair also account to this.

3. To avoid wonky liner. Yes, I was the girl that would try and apply liquid eyeliner on public transport. It never ends well, even if you only attempt application when you get to a traffic light. Getting those wings even is difficult at the best of times, so if you’re in a moving vehicle, you can just forget it.

4. To save time. No matter what I try, I’m perpetually late. To everything. The second I take my eyes off the clock, it goes into fast forward mode (it has to, that’s the only explanation). I do wear make-up for events and shooting blog posts, or nice get-togethers, but if I’m just meeting my gals for brunch, I’ll ditch the make-up so I’m only 20 minutes late instead of 40.

5. To save dollar. Make-up is expensive as hell. But if you don’t wear it everyday, you don’t use as much, so you don’t spend as much. This is a bit of a pain with things like mascara that don’t have a long shelf life, so I tend to buy minis where I can as I also like to have two on the go at once (due to the aforementioned eyelash sitch) which makes things less pricey and wasteful.

All in all, I couldn’t be bothered. I love doing my make-up for special occasions or just times when I feel like making an effort, but I no longer think about wearing make-up for my daily life. I don’t feel self conscious if I meet new people and I’m not wearing any and I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. Of course, make-up makes me feel hotter, but I’m pretty cool with everyday me too.

Are you a make-up everyday kinda gal? Skip it on the regularly? Or just wear it whenever the heck you feel like it?

Love Lucinda xx


Minimalist print clashing and accessories

I’ll be the first to admit I’m the worst when it comes to dressing appropriately for Winter. I always forget to pick up a jacket, despite owning so many, and I’m forever forgoing tights or exposing my ankles to the cold. But then, what’s the point of looking fab if you’re gonna hide it under a coat? I’d rather be cold and chic tbh. But, if you’re a normal person with normal feelings, just style this out with a jacket yeah?
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Why I gave up bras and will I ever go back?

A few of you will probably already know this, considering I regularly announce my lack of bra wearing in person on a regular basis. It’s mainly because a. It changed my life (dramatic much?) and b. I want other ladies to know the option exists. The first bra I ever owned was from Marks and Spencer’s after I begged my Mum to take me for a fitting, determined that I was a grown woman who needed support. I was 10 years old. The bra was a triple A size, soft cup and not under-wired. I was disappointed at the size (surely I was at least an A like some of my friends claimed to be) but none the less, I owned a collection of bras now – since I’d convinced my Mum to spend a small fortune on the few they had in that size. And that was it. Everyday from there, waking-up and getting dressed involved wearing a bra…
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Festive Cheats; the ultimate boozy chocolate milk

As basically the ambassador right now for all things lazy gal life appropriate, I figured another boozy festive cheat wouldn’t hurt. This one is actually an adaption of a general life hack that I stick by, which is never to make actual hot cocoa. Instead, I buy chocolate fudge milk (a dream boat in itself) and heat that hun right up in the microwave. Instant hot chocolate with no powder in sight. But what if we made it boozy…
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Festive Cheats; the simplest 3 ingredient biscuit recipe ever

This one was a bit of a revelation. As someone who never remembers to organise a food shop (this is gonna change in 2018) and always wants to make stuff (is the random urge to be creative an actual thing or just me), an empty cupboard normally turns this on its head. But it turns out you can make biscuits with basically nothing in, so even if you’re the queen of disorganised like me, you can make treats/join in bake sales/ pretend you didn’t forget about someones birthday until the very last minute because you brought a super thoughtful, homemade gift! Go you, you total babe. So let’s skip any more waffle and get on with the biscuits…
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Festive Cheats; the party food you absolutely NEED this Christmas

If there’s one thing that can bring us all closer together, it’s got to be cheese, right? I mean, if there anything that can’t be made better with the addition of cheese? Nachos wouldn’t be nachos without queso. There would be zero point to 7pm on Christmas day be without someone cracking out the cheese board. Apres Ski would be nothing without fondue and raclette. Life wouldn’t be worth drinking living without a hungover grilled cheese. Even my abysmal efforts at cooking can be made passable with a little bubbling mozzarella under the grill. Cheese is basically the glue that holds my life together. But if you’re buying, cheese boards can be pricey, so I’ve got the ultimate, affordable and super sociable alternative… Camembert!
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Festive Cheats; fancy gift wrap ideas on a budget

Since reading the ‘Life changing magic of not giving a f**k’, I’ve been rocking a new ethos – maximum pizazz with minimal effort. I’ve always been a bit extra when it comes to Christmas, so I’ve got a bit of a reputation to uphold, but surprise surprise, I don’t actually have a million free evenings to spend perfectly wrapping gifts. Oh, and when I’ve already bought you a gift, I don’t want to spend £6 on a gift bag (looking at you John Lewis). So I’ve come up with some fancy looking giftwrap ideas that don’t require a Phd in art or a whole wasted weekend to create…
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Festive Cheats; top 5 baking hacks

I’ve grown up around my Mum and Nan always baking in the kitchen. Freshly baked cookies, the scent of warm vanilla, it’s basically the dream… AND you get to eat at the end of it (win, win). But there isn’t always time, space or dollar for a kitchen aid lying around. So here are my baking life hacks for when it goes wrong, and how to encourage things to go right in the kitchen…
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Festive Cheats; Christmas Tree Alternatives For City Centre Living.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, why do you take up so much room in my already small apartment with limited storage all year long with your lovely but unnecessarily large branches? Yeah, I could buy a real one and throw it away to save space but a. pricey, b. not great for the environment and c. blooming pine needles everywhere! So I’m team faux tree all the way, with a little help from those pine scent sticks so you can feel the real tree fantasy. But with limited living and storage space, a 7 foot tree with a rather large box isn’t exactly practical. So I pulled together some alternative ideas to get your place looking festive…
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