Side Split Style with Matalan*

Please tell me I’m not the only one hoping the sunshine sticks around? Nothing against Autumn, except for the fact that the crunchy leaves last about 3 minutes in the UK before the torrential rain turns them into a slip and slide for the fools still wearing heels aka me. But regardless, it’s time to start transitioning that wardrobe (hopefully with these fab key pieces) and getting ready for cosy knits and layers (aaaaalllll the layers)…
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Not fat enough for Plus Size?

If you’ve read my post about why I started blogging and my thoughts on body confidence, you’ll know I’m a total fan girl when it comes to gals embracing their shape and sharing the love. I’m a huge believer in being each others cheerleaders and have made amazing friends through blogging, but unfortunately it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. So when I got a few emails questioning my use #plussize, I wanted to discuss…
Plus size bikini summer holiday style ootd-002
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Top 5 Brunch spots in Leeds

Brunch is arguably the best meal of the day… wait, what am I talking about? There is no argument, Brunch = bae. It’s trendy AF too (oh hey unlimited brunch) so there are new spots popping up all the time. Which obviously means an excuse to go for brunch approx. 2035638 times a week (as if we need an excuse). So here’s my top five brunch spots in Leeds that you just have to try ASAP…
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All things bright & bold AF*

Is it just me or are you bored of being told what you can and can’t wear? The ‘kind words of advice’ predictably arrive with each new season (and often in between). Fat gals can’t wear bikinis. Skinny gals can’t wear low cut tops. Blondes don’t suit this and brunettes can’t pull off that. Ugh, just throw that rulebook out of the window. And if you can’t deal with all the huns slaying in whatever the hell they wanna wear? This blog ain’t for you…
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A gal’s guide to Transitional Trends

As much as I wish Summer didn’t have to end, the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes have arrived which means Autumn is en route. And let’s be realistic, it’s been raining for the last two weeks anyway. So I’ve picked out my fave transitional pieces to get you wardrobe ready for fall…
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Brunch dates at Love Rouge

I’m forever on the hunt for cute spots to while away the weekday mornings with my macbook and an iced latte or spend lazy sundays with my other half or catching up with my gal squad. If you ever need to find me, just look for good wifi and great Eggs Benedict. As it turns out, Love Rouge in Headingley has both of those things…
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Summer Party in Style with La Redoute

If you ask any Northern blogger gal who throws the best parties, they’ll tell you straight up it’s La Redoute. After the fabulous La Redoute Christmas event, I couldn’t wait for the next invite to land in my inbox. Cue the excitement & me counting down to the LR Summer Party, hosted at a mystery venue. Ooh la la indeed…
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The Curvy Smart Casual

Smart-Casual is the enigma of dress codes. Sure, guys can throw on a pair of good jeans with a shirt and they’re good to go. But when it comes to gals, things get a little more complex. Are heels and a dress too much? Will I be under-dressed in jeans? *calls all friends to see what they’re wearing and turns entire wardrobe into a floordrobe*. The ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma seems to creep up all too often when smart-cas is involved…
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Why I Blog & The Bloggers Blog Awards

I’m super excited to announce I’ve been shortlisted for Best Fashion Blog in the Bloggers Blog Awards again, thanks to you lovely lot. I’ve been blogging properly on The Fashion Fictionary since January 2014 (where have 2 & 1/2 years gone??) and, despite all the hard work it takes, I still blooming love it. With my fab news in mind, I figured it was about time to go back to the start and tell you why I started fashion blogging in the first place…
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A Weekend in Cologne; Dinner at Lore & Fitch

On the final evening of our Cologne trip, Lucy & I toasted to a fabulous trip with a cocktail or two. After a busy day exploring the city, we decided to head to the gorgeous looking restaurant right by our hotel with a few other blogger babes, Kariss and Lissa. Get ready to say cheers to a fabulous evening…
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